Bubble Butt Exercises Prepared By Vicky Justiz

Bubble Butt Exercises Prepared By Vicky Justiz

We have prepared a great butt and legs workout for you today. Actually, Vicky Justiz prepared it 🙂 This workout is gonna get you sexy legs and a round bubble butt.

All you’re gonna need for these 6 bubble butt exercises  is a timer. Perform every exercise for one minute and repeate the whole workout 2 times per day, 3 days per week.

Bubble butt exercises

Just start your timer because we’re gonna start with the first bubble butt exercise: lunges.

1. Lunges

Everyone knows how to perform lunges so we’re not gonna go into details. Just alternate legs and make sure you’ll keep your back streight and your core tight. Squeeze your butt.

You can rest a few seconds if you need to. The next bubble butt exercise is the regular squats.

2. Squats

Make sure you’re really sitting your butt back. Your knees should not be going after toes. Ensure your back stays streight. After you’re done with this one minute of squats be sure to rest a few seconds because the next exercise is a little bit harder: bounce and squats.

3. Bounce and squats

Go down in squat position, stay there and bounce for one minute streight. Make sure you feel your weight on the heels because this bubble butt exercise is really great to target your ass. Keep going to press up your heels and squeeze your butt when you’re bouncing.

Rest a little and let your muscle to recover for a few seconds and then hit the next exercise: bouncing lunges.

4. Bouncing lunges

Go down in lunges position with your right foot in front of you, stay there and bounce for one minute streight. This bouncing it really helps target your butt so you should feel your ass working.

Now do the same thing for the left leg: another minute of bouncing lunges. Stay low and keep going!

5. Ice skaters

Ice skaters are really great for your butt, especially for the side of your legs to really shape and tone up this part of your body. For this bubble butt exercise you need to jump from one foot to another and simultaneously touch the floor with the opposite hand. This exercise was a little bit challenging so catch a breath for the last piece of the workout: jumping squats.

6. Jumping squats

From the squat position jump with your hands up in the air. Push yourself as hard as you can but if you’re very tired you can take some small breaks to catch a breath.

This was the bubble butt workout and it only takes you 10 minutes to perform. Stay fit!

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Bubble butt exercises

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