Can You Lose Weight With Slimming Body Wraps?

Can You Lose Weight With Slimming Body Wraps?

There are a lot of spa centers that look more like a kitchen because they use a lot of ingredients like honey, chocolate, butter, eucalyptus, clay or rosemary. But for body wraps, which is a popular spa treatment, these ingredients are truly essential.

A body wrap can give you really nice sensations like relaxing, moisturizing or mood improving. But there were a lot of people lately using these wraps as a weight loss method, a cellulite cure or a way to detoxify the body.

Can A Body Wrap Slim You?

You must know right from the start that body wraps can’t and will not take the place of exercise and a healthy diet. When we’re talking about slimming down, body wraps are the solution for just a temporary weight loss. To make it last, you need to simultaneously follow a healthy diet, exercise and wear these body wraps.

After you take the body wrap off, there will be a temporary appearance of tightness, which may only last a day or two. But if you’re trying to look good for a day at the beach, in vacation or for your wedding day, temporary improvement may be good enough.

Body wraps won’t give you permanent weight loss, because the difference you see on your scale is just water weight loss.

Can A Body Wrap Banish Cellulite?

You can’t “suck out fat” with the slimming wraps as much as you can’t get rid of cellulite and take away the dimpled skin with the cellulite body wraps. While using these wraps, the skin is plump up a bit and the appearance may be better for a while.

Body wraps are for moisturizing the skin and that’s mainly what almost all of the wraps are for.

Can Body Wraps Detox You?

Some people would say that when your body sweats, you are detoxing your skin, not your liver or your kidneys. But there’s never been any real scientific evidence that body wraps pull out toxins or purify your body in any way.


You should avoid ingredients with a lot of fragrance that can irritate your skin if you have a sensitive skin. So ask about the ingredients before choosing a wrap for your body.

Also, if you’re taking some prescription medications you need to find out if the herbals can affect your medications, in case they will be absorbed through the skin.

Comfort is another factor you should take into consideration before deciding to try these. Wearing these body wraps is not the most comfortable “outfit”.

Because you will sweat a lot during a typical wrap, you need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

I encourage you to give those body wraps a shot. Don’t think of body wraps as a weight loss method, but rather as a spray tan, which is temporary, but sometimes that’s just what you need. Stay fit and healthy!

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