The Best Power Racks And Squat Racks For Your Home Gym

The Best Power Racks And Squat Racks For Your Home Gym

Professional bodybuilder or not, if you’re thinking of building your home gym, this list with the best power racks you can find on Amazon can help you start with the right foot.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a massive bodybuilder. Or maybe you are planning to start. For the old folks in the game, you know that weightlifting isn’t that easy.

A few months ago, I was a regular at a local gym, and one evening after the gym session, I found myself thinking of how much I could save by owning a power rack.

At first, I thought I was going nut, but on giving the idea a second thought, I set to dare the usual.

Owning a power rack meant that I wouldn’t have to pay my monthly gym subscriptions. Also, one thing that ruined my gym sessions was having to wait for my turn to use specific equipment and this saw me purchasing my first ever power rack.

Therefore, without further ado, I will give a list of the best power racks that you should consider.

Best Power Racks

Here are the best of the best power racks you can get from Amazon:

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT

As its name implies, this is one of the best power racks that offers a real weightlifting session. When I set out to shop for a power rack, it was the first rack to grab my attention.

Today, I never regret spending my dollars on it. I remember the store attender discouraging me from purchasing it for home use but I insisted.

Fitness Reality 810XLT is affordable hence acquiring it didn’t interfere with my budget. This power rack has 19 adjustable height levels for the safety bars. Also, the safety bars have chrome lock-on as an additional safety precaution.

The power rack offers a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds. It has steel construction and plenty of walk-in room on either side hence making it efficient.

The Fitness Reality 810XLT has a chin-up bar for extra workout aspect thus ideal for the heavyweight lifters like myself.

2. Impex Marcy

This power rack offers a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Although it has a low weight capacity, it is worth.

One feature that I find tempting about this power rack is that it offers a high and low pulley positions. Therefore, it makes both the upper and lower body workouts easy.

Marcy guarantees durability hence on the purchase, expect it to serve you longer than you thought. The power rack is also known for its pulley system that glides smoother as compared to other brands as well as the high stability.

This power rack is also spacious and has room for weight plates.

3. Body Solid

Body solid is also a power rack that you should take your time to consider. For those of us who care much about a product warranty, Body solid is the perfect pick. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

This power rack has 20 adjustment levels, and one feature that I find interesting is the fact that it’s spacious enough to allow various kinds of workouts.

It can support up to 1000 pounds hence allowing the heavyweight lifters the opportunity to maximize their ability.

Body solid comes at a friendly price, and the fact that it is stable and durable makes the deal even sweeter.

4. Fitness Reality X-class

The Fitness Reality X-class is a power rack that you should also take some time to consider. Although expensive, it is worth based on its many features and is suitable for individuals with extensive home gyms.

This power rack can handle the weight of up to 1500 pounds hence exceeding the many brands that I know.

This fantastic power rack has pull-down and cable attachments to boost the upper body strength. It has two chin-up bars and safety bars to ensure the user’s safety remains 100 percent.

The power rack comes equipped with some J Hooks, and high-density dip handles.

Besides, it also has a limited lifetime warranty hence assuring the user many years of service.

5. Valor Fitness BD-7

Last but not the least is the Valor Fitness BD-7. It is among the top rated power racks on Amazon.

First, you should know that this power rack comes at a considerable price that can hardly mess with your budget.

It is made of steel and assures the most prolonged period of services a user can ever expect.

The Valor Fitness BD-7 has 17 bar support positions. Although its pulley system doesn’t work smoothly, the Valor Fitness BD-7 is worth your cash. It can handle weights of up to 500 pounds hence efficient for most weightlifters.

It comes with a lat pull attachment which makes it stand unique. Also, it offers a pull-up station.

The decision to acquire a power rack for home use can be disturbing. However, if it doesn’t interfere with your budget, the decision is worth making.

With that said and done, the challenge is choosing the power rack that suits your workout routines as well as the home gym space.

However, with the list I provided, it will be easier for you to pick one of the best power racks for your home gym.

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