Best Diet Plans To Help Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Best Diet Plans To Help Shift Those Stubborn Pounds

Dieting and weight loss can be difficult for most people. One of the hardest tasks you need to do when trying to lose weight is to pick the right diet for you from the numerous diet plans available.

However, what usually happens is that the body responds well to the change in diet and increase in exercise to start with. A lot of people report rapid weight loss in the first couple of months of making healthy lifestyle changes.

But then, once the body starts to get used to this healthier way of living, it begins to hold onto its fat. As a result, lots of dieters find it very difficult to shift the final few extra pounds in order to get to their target weight.

Are you tired of not getting the results that you were initially seeing? If so, then you might need to switch your diet plan.

Best Diet Plans

One of the following diet plans should help you get to your final goal.

1. The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet was originally created to help ease the symptoms of epilepsy. But once people started to realize that it was a very effective way of losing weight, many dieters around the globe started to adopt it.

It is very easy to follow this diet – you just need to be very restrictive when it comes to carbohydrates. Once your body is starved of carbs, it will start to burn its stored fat for energy.

As you can tell, this makes it ever so easy for the body to shift its excess weight. Lots of people enjoy following the Keto Diet as it allows them to enjoy their favorite meats, including steak!

2. The HCG Diet

Even though the HCG Diet was developed way back in the 1950s, it has only just come into the mainstream. And that is mainly down to The Ultimate HCG Diet Plan and other informative blog posts.

So, how exactly does the HCG Diet work then? It works so well because it focuses on the hormones found in the body that regulate weight and fat storage.

The hormone HCG has long been connected to weight loss and fat burning. In order to regulate this hormone in a way that promotes weight loss, dieters are placed on a 500-calorie daily diet for a set period. It is also possible to buy HCG supplements.

3. Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is another low-carb diet plan that forces the body to burn its fat stores.

This particular diet was created to try and recreate the diet that our ancestors would have followed in prehistoric times. So that means you can eat meat, vegetables, nuts, and some fruit.

However, dairy and carbohydrates should be restricted, as these would have not been available to prehistoric people.

You will also need to cut out any processed foods and sugars from your diet as well.

However, there are some things you are allowed to eat in small quantities even though they weren’t around in prehistoric time. For instance, wine and dark chocolate are high in antioxidants and are therefore allowed.

Hopefully, one of these three diet plans can help you finally get down to your target weight!

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