Tips For An Invigorating Massage With Argan Oil

Tips For An Invigorating Massage With Argan Oil

One of the most common ways of using products with argan oil, and the oil itself, is that of invigorating and energizing massages.

You could look for such massages in beauty salons, where you can usually ask the staff to use argan oil if possible.

In other cases, you could also get a pure argan oil and ask your partner to perform a massage, if he/she is able to do so.

There are several areas of the body that can benefit from its positive effects: your back, shoulders, legs, and feet.

Of course, the benefits of the “King of Oils” are not limited to these areas. So your forehead, face, palms or wrists can also benefit from a gentle massage.

Besides relaxing and invigorating your body, argan oil also:

Many, for example, use warm argan oil to massage the body because it offers a feeling of deep relaxation, similar to sleep.

“In general, however, the massages are concentrated on certain specific areas”, says Stephanie after her first Thai massage in Irvine, California. “Some body parts receive the massage more efficient than others,” she adds.

How To Get A Massage With Argan Oil

Using argan oil for massage is similar to applying any other massage oils:

  1. Take a shower.
  2. Towel your body dry.
  3. Put a few drops of oil in your palms.
  4. Spread the oil onto the targeted skin area by gently rubbing using circular motions.
  5. Take your time and let the oil penetrate the skin.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to give an invigorating massage. The trick is to massage the right body area.

So here are the most common areas where you should gently apply argan oil for an invigorating massage:

1. Get A Well-Earned Back Massage

One of the areas most often touched in massages is the back. While this is the largest massaging area, it should get some extra attention and care.

So start with a massage of your back to benefit from the relaxing effects of argan oil, especially when warm. Then, massage the area near the shoulder blades and, further down, near the hips.

This way you’ll induce a state of pure relaxation in your entire body, not just your back.

2. Massage Your Shoulders With Argan Oil

Your shoulders can also benefit from a massage with argan oil, especially if you think that very often the shoulders are subjected to continuous stress nowadays:

  • Hold a bag;
  • Maintain a certain fixed position on the chair and at the desk;
  • Tap continuously on the keyboard;
  • And maybe even maintaining a certain position due to breastfeeding.

That’s why the shoulders also need periodic relaxation, which a gentle massage with argan oil could give.

3. Relieve Tension In Your Legs And Thighs

Our legs are continuously stressed because of the long periods spent standing, or walking, or even because of a fixed sitting position.

In any case, you should pay great attention to your legs, especially the thighs, and reap the benefits from a relaxing massage on this area.

4. Hydrate Your Feet, Especially Your Heels

Finally, do not forget about your feet which, in fact, is believed to be connected to many other areas of the body. So the feeling of relaxation given to the foot by massaging them can also extend to the rest of the body.

Always in contact with the shoes and with the pressure of your entire body during the day, your feet skin could be dry, especially in the heel area. But by massaging your feet with warm oil can help to restore softness and elasticity to the skin in this area.

In the case of dry skin, argan oil will have a powerful hydrating effect on your skin, with significant positive effects.

The benefits of massaging your body with argan oil are immersive. So next time you’re at your local spa, make sure to ask for such an invigorating massage.

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