Do Acupressure Mats Actually Work For Fitness Enthusiast?

Do Acupressure Mats Actually Work For Fitness Enthusiast?

Acupressure mats are in trend now, and more and more fitness gurus are recommending them. But are they really effective? What makes them so special? And what are they for? Let’s find out!

Staying in shape has overtaken many aspects of our lives. So the question is how do we approach it and keep our routines intact?

Well, one way of doing that is with acupressure. This method doesn’t waste your time – you can sleep on an acupressure mat, or sit on it while watching your favourite TV show – and can be really effective in relieving pain and muscle tension.

Contemporary acupressure has become one of the fastest growing forms of therapy, given its distinctive reliability outside the confines of traditional medicine.

With origins in China, acupressure is a form of acupuncture where muscle tension is released by applying pressure on specific acupoints in the body.

Also known as “acupressure needle stimulation pads” or “customized nail beds”, acupressure mats are foam mats with thousands of very sharp, short plastic needles.

The trick is, you are required to sit, lie or stand barefoot for a duration between 20 -40 minutes or more. It sounds scary, but experts recommend it nonetheless.

Despite the claims, is there any substantial proof that justifies acupressure mats use?

Do Acupressure Mats Really Work?

Yes, it does. Studies have shown that stimulation is the best remedy for recurring and existing body pain. And how you deal with it is entirely your choice.

Acupressure is very similar with acupuncture and reflexology procedures. The familiarity in design gives new users the desired push to try out layouts they think or know is familiar to them.

The soothing effect felt is a result of a hundred plus prickling points gently massaging users’ backs. This makes acupressure the most ideal technique for fitness enthusiast.

The body by design has hundreds of pressure points. Simulating these points is key in evoking functional responses in acupressure.

With the body points simultaneously handling pressure, the action increases blood circulation and boosts oxygen production. After a few minutes the effects start kicking in as the body gets warmer and releases muscle tension.

This is a direct response from the organs as the mat’s pointy surface stimulates different pressure points in the body.

Many people feel conflicted about acupressure. To them, the stinging effect is unbearable. However, the experience changes over time as the body transits to accommodate the effects.

Laying down on an acupressure mat is the first of many steps in getting fitter and healthier.

First time users should wear clothes or cover the mats with fabric to reduce the pressure. Then, with time, you can do it without the extra clothes or fabric.

Health Benefits Of Acupressure Mats

You can take the mat with you on the beach.

Health Benefits Of Acupressure Mats

Simply put, using acupressure mats has never been this good. Here are some of the health benefits of using acupressure mats:

That said, studies suggest that acupressure can help manage certain pain conditions.

There hasn’t been sufficient research to claim that it helps relieve stress or anything similar to that.

Acupressure mat usage is quickly gaining popularity since you don’t need any experience or skill to operate the mats.

Studies are showing that people are rapidly shifting focus towards result oriented techniques.

Types Of Mats

Below are the most popular acupressure mats:

1. Spoonk Acupressure Mat

This mat comes equipped with a flat surfaced pillow that gives an extra comfort to the head and shoulders. It is designed to relieve stress and body pain.

The mat composition is 100% percent cotton, which means it yields better results. Get it here.

2. ZenGuru Acupressure Mat

This is a U-shaped neck pillow that aids in neck, back and shoulder pain relief. This mat is ideal for relaxation oriented fitness enthusiasts. Get it here.

3. Panamat ECO Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat

A very comfortable mat with dedicated rosettes lining. The thousands plus spikes are ideal for joint and body massage.

It comes equipped with a complete user manual, which means new users should not be worried about the specifics.

Unfortunately this mat is really expensive, but it’s FDA approved, durable, and made from high quality materials. You can check its price on here.

4. Nayoya Mat

It combines the best of both techniques of acupuncture and acupressure.

The mat stimulates the body to produce endorphin hormones. It’s completely affordable and easy to operate. Get is here.

5. Heavenly Mats

Known for their popularity in tackling muscle and back pain, Heavenly mats are considered as one of the best acupressure mats for weight loss.

The mat is made of a 100% natural washable fiber. And it’s one of the cheapest acupressure mats you can find. Check the price here.

Be careful because it is not recommended for pregnant women or people with certain blood conditions.

6. Shakti Mat

With origins in India, this acupressure mat provides comfort as it gently relaxes the body. It also has thousands of acupressure points that relieves body tension.

The mat combines both ancient and current techniques to kick-start the body’s regenerative functions.

It is made from a non toxic foam material designed to keep the skin healthier. Also, it’s a very affordable mat. Get it here.

If you need more details about these acupressure mats, read this guide with the top five acupressure mats on the market today.

Health isn’t just about exercise and diet, it’s also about lifestyle choices, especially if you’re trying to relieve stress. There are tons of ways to do that.

It is wiser to explore lots of alternatives that don’t expose you to body harm, than to do nothing about your condition. So give these acupressure mats a chance.

Acupressure usage varies, with different types of mats available. It all boils down to finding the ideal acupressure mat for you.

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