Best Kettlebell Moves

If you don’t know what to do with these kettlebells, don’t worry. We’ve got it covered for you. Here are 14 kettlebell moves that will work your entire body while torching some major calories and fat.

For beginners, choose 2-3 kettlebell moves and do about 15 reps for each. When you’re done, rest for one minute and repeat the entire workout 2 more times. For the next day choose other exercises and repeat the process.

For intermediates and advanced, try to perform all 14 kettlebell moves. Do about 15 reps for each exercise and rest 10-15 seconds in between exercises. When you’re done, go through all exercises 2 more times. For best results, repeat this workout 3-4 times per week.

Here are the best kettlebell moves for a toned and shredded body:

  1. One-Arm Swings
  2. Two-Arm Swings
  3. Overhead Swings
  4. Pass-Through Lunges
  5. Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
  6. Cleans
  7. Clean And Presses
  8. Goblet Squats
  9. Around The World
  10. Snatches
  11. Figure Eight Squat
  12. Thrusters
  13. Renegade Rows
  14. Turkish Get-Ups

If you didn’t started yet, now it’s your kettlebells time! This workout strengthens not only your muscle mass, but also your cardiovascular condition. So start with a few of these kettlebell moves and create a full body routine.

As you accommodate with these kettlebell moves, you can challenge your muscles by increasing the weight of the kettlebell. In a couple of weeks you’ll be cleaning, thrusting and swinging like a pro.

14 Kettlebell Moves Infographic

Image credits: SkinnyMom