The Threat And Fight Against Zika Virus Infographic

The Threat And Fight Against Zika Virus Infographic

The Zika virus has been causing health concerns in different parts of the world, and we’re all scared by its consequences.

The United States is also affected by the virus. According to the University of Arizona, we have seen a total of 312 travel-related cases of Zika infection as of April 2016. Officials also reported 27 of those cases involved a pregnant woman.

As we all know, the Zika virus affects babies the most. Infected pregnant women can pass the virus on to their fetus, causing them to show symptoms.

The virus may even cause serious birth defects in certain cases. Also, a CDC study finds that Zika virus can develop abnormalities in babies even after birth.

It is advised for those who have traveled to Zika-infected regions to avoid having sex with a pregnant partner or to use condoms for safety reasons.

Various research groups and universities are working around the clock to prepare public health providers and students to deal with an outbreak. So far, Florida has been the state with the most Zika cases recorded.

Even though there’s not a cure for this virus right now, I’m pretty sure specialists will come with a solution in time to prevent a world disaster.

The Fight Against Zika Virus

To help you better understand the Zika virus and its threat to the public, here’s an infographic called “Targeting Zika: The Threat and Fight Against the Virus“. It is produced by the University of Arizona Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

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