Pros And Cons Of Using Contact Lenses When Working Out

Pros And Cons Of Using Contact Lenses When Working Out

Fitness is essential. Working out is the best way to stay in shape. But what’s the most important thing that needs to be consistent when you go to a gym? Well, besides your will, your body parts should also be in full coordination.

You can focus only when you’re fully relaxed. Sometimes it may not be in your hands, as in the case of eyes. If you have weak eyesight, you may have to wear spectacles or contact lenses.

Choosing between contact lenses and glasses could be a problem in itself. Contact lenses are considered a better choice during workouts, but like every other accessory, they too have certain advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages Of Using Contact Lenses In The Gym

Here is a list with the most noticeable reasons you should use contact lenses instead of glasses in the gym.

1. They Don’t Fall Off

Since contact lenses are fixed, they save you the trouble of not worrying about them falling off, as in the case of glasses. You can use all kinds of machines and they would still be in there place.

You might find it difficult run on a treadmill with your glasses on, but not with contact lenses.

2. No Slipping On the Nose

They are also considered the best alternative to glasses because you have to set them again and again, as they slip more when you are working out vigorously.

3. No Fog

One other benefit associated with contact lenses is that they don’t get foggy like spectacles. So you don’t have to clean them to get a clear view.

4. Periphery

Lenses have peripheral vision, which means that you won’t have to turn around or move your head to look around during your workout.

5. No Breaking

Glasses are not cheap and they are hard to replace. There’s always a chance that your glasses may fall and break, contact lenses on the other hand do not break.

6. Comfortable

Apart from all the practical benefits of contact lenses, they are comfortable. They are easy to put on and you can wear them wherever you want.

Disadvantages Of Using Contact Lenses In The Gym

As mentioned earlier, contact lenses have cons too.

1. Handle With Care

They are delicate. They come with instructions and these instructions should be followed very carefully.

2. Dryness

Different types of contact lenses have different type of cons associated with them, although all of them make eyes dry.

Dryness may cause itching and vision problems during an exercise which could interrupt you. Once it gets dry, you need to wet your eyes and also give your eyes a little rest.

All this can ruin your workout instantly and once your lose the rhythm, it’s unlikely for you to get it back.

3. Dust

Dust is a huge disaster for lenses. If you go to your gym on foot, there are huge chances that you’d catch dust in your eyes. It can cause irritation and trouble you on the way.

Even when you choose to reach your gym via car or bus, you still have to look out for dirt. Once your lenses are harmed, they have to be taken out.

4. Infection

Another reason that goes against the use of contact lenses in the gym is that contact lenses do not allow oxygen to reach your eye.

While in gym, when you’re working out furiously, your body is consuming more oxygen due to fast movement and cardio rate. Gyms are mostly air conditioned due to close environment and the level of oxygen is already low.

The shortage of oxygen may cause infections to the eyes in case they are used on regular basis.

5. Can’t Wash With Water

The worst part is you have to carry the cleaning solution with you. Lenses cannot be washed with water. The bacteria and other germs in the water may damage the lenses and you might have to replace them.

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses in the gym? How do you manage to handle this? Leave a comment to inspire others.

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