Guess Which People Eat More Than A Horse

Guess Which People Eat More Than A Horse

What people eat varies a lot. Everybody knows that, but still it’s surprising just how much difference there is when you look at this infographic. Some people hardly eat at all, while others eat more than 10 times as many calories as the average person in United States!

Which People Eat Less Than A Dog?

5:2 dieters and the pop star Madonna are fighting over who is eating the least calories, while soldiers and bullfighters eat almost the same amount of calories and so does bodybuilders, Roman soldiers – and medieval monks.

But none of them eat that much more than average. To really starting eating, you need to become a sumo wrestler, climb Mount Everest or copy Elvis in his final days. And if that’s not enough, there is still the possibility of becoming a competitive strongman or the world biggest bride.

Which People Eat More Than A Horse?

The American strongman Robert Oberst eat as much as a horse, while world biggest bride eat 50% more calories than a horse every day. And still she is not the one who eat the most calories. The one who eat the most calories is the bodybuilding legend Casey Viator when he were part of the Colorado Experiment. At that time he was getting dangerously close to what an Elephant eat!

Some of the numbers of calories sounds almost unreal, but the infographic is backed up by a lot of references. Including references to universities, NASA and quite a few important newspapers and magazines.

What is also quite interesting is that a lot of the heavy eaters aren’t fat. So once again it is proved that you can eat lot without getting fat. You just need to train hard when you eat a lot – and properly also eat good and healthy food instead of living of candy and ice cream.

Which People Eat More

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