How To Lose Weight Following The Weight Watchers Diet Rules

How To Lose Weight Following The Weight Watchers Diet Rules

This is the easiest weight loss plan you’ve ever tried. The Weight Watchers diet rules are simple, easy to understand and promote healthy eating. Basically, you’ll lose weight learning to eat better and more nutritious foods.

If you are struggling with weight loss, maybe you have already tried all possible things to lose those extra pounds. You must have tried going to a gym and exercise rigorously just to shed those pounds, so you could look fabulous.

However, losing weight or trying to do so is never easy. It requires the utmost amount of dedication. To lose weight effectively, you need to make sure that you are following a proper diet plan accompanied by the right amount of exercise to burn the extra calories.

The Weight Watchers (WW) diet is one such effective plan that helps you to shed weight effectively, without much effort but a little bit of exercise.

The Weight Watchers Diet

This is more of a lifestyle change than a diet plan that you could pick up and follow. It helps you to adopt healthy habits like staying clear of junk food and opt for healthier and nutritious options.

That would not only help you acquire the requisite nutrition but also shed the extra pounds that you want to. It also helps you to incorporate physical exercises to lose weight faster.

The Weight Watchers diet rules are very easy to follow. That’s because you can opt for group meetings, track your progress by calculating the points based upon what you eat, and work out efficiently.

Moreover, the presence of points helps you to keep a track of how much food you eat, how many calories you consume and what should be your calorie target for each day to lose weight safely.

The Weight Watchers Diet Rules

Following the Weight Watchers diet rules is pretty simple. When on this diet, you can eat almost everything you want. There are no restrictions, but it is essential that you opt for healthy, nutritious foods.

As long as you follow and achieve your daily points target each day, you will be able to lose weight effectively. The point system works based upon the type of food you have, and each food is responsible for producing a certain amount of points.

Like for example, processed food will have the highest amount of points, whereas fresh fruits will have the lowest points as it contains a lot of fiber.

These points make up your daily target and help you to watch what you eat. Moreover, the exercises assigned also help you to burn out the extra calories, which makes you shed those extra few pounds.

How To Lose Weight With The Weight Watchers Diet Rules

Points Calculation

When following the Weight Watchers diet rules, you need to find out exactly how much food can you consume based upon the points. There are some online calculators available that help you to calculate these points and come up with a target that you can achieve.

These are based upon your current weight, age, and height and supply you with a target point. The minimum amount of points is 26 while the maximum is 71.

However, you need to calculate occasionally based upon your changing age and weight. The points that you accumulate is based on the value of the foods that you consume on a daily basis.

For example, you need to enter the carbohydrates and proteins you consume in grams per day to find out exactly how much you need to consume, more or less.

Moreover, foods like fruits and veggies count as zero points, since they are mostly rich in fiber and help satiate your hunger pangs.

What To Eat And What Not To

There are almost no restrictions when on the Weight Watchers diet. However, there are certain foods that you need to consume, obviously based upon the points calculated before.

Listed below are the recommended foods to eat when following the Weight Watchers diet rules:

  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Brown rice;
  • Rice cake;
  • Yogurt;
  • Salmon;
  • Sashimi;
  • Whole grain bread;
  • Soups, clear ones;
  • Tuna;
  • Honey as a replacement for sugar;
  • Tea.

Besides this, you need to ensure that you consume lots of water.

There are certain foods considered healthy by other diets, but which you can occasionally enjoy when on this diet. They are:

  • Duck roasted;
  • Tea with milk;
  • Soft drinks;
  • Popcorn;
  • Dark chocolate;
  • Oily food like burgers or fries;
  • Sugar;
  • White rice and bread.

7-Day Sample Plan

Listed below is a sample Weight Watchers diet plan for 7 days. It will help you to create an idea about how you can plan and proceed to lose weight safely following the Weight Watchers diet rules.

1. Monday

Breakfast: Egg and spinach in a bowl.

Lunch: Fresh veggies with avocado dip.

Dinner: Slow-cooked pot pie stew (recipe).

2. Tuesday

Breakfast: Asparagus quiche (recipe).

Lunch: Slow-cooked fiesta chicken soup (recipe).

Dinner: Skinny Quinoa skillet supper (recipe).

3. Wednesday

Breakfast: Berry parfait (recipe).

Lunch: Turkey and cheese wrap.

Dinner: Quinoa with black beans.

4. Thursday

Breakfast: Strawberry yogurt.

Lunch: Thin crust pear and gorgonzola pizza (recipe).

Dinner: Slow-cooked chicken pot roast (recipe).

5. Friday

Breakfast: Western omelet wrap (recipe).

Lunch: Curried egg salad sandwich (recipe).

Dinner: Zucchini and bell pepper pizza (recipe).

6. Saturday

Breakfast: Herb and goat cheese fritter (recipe).

Lunch: Cranberry and nut and turkey rolls (recipe).

Dinner: Barbecued beans and chicken Joes (recipe).

7. Sunday

Breakfast: Eggs Florentine (recipe).

Lunch: Tuna salad (recipe).

Dinner: Slow cooked pork tenderloin, Asian style (recipe).

It is essential that you develop a support group to get through this process. A support group forms and becomes your pillar of strength as you go through the same things together. Exercise is also necessary when following the Weight Watchers diet rules.

One Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

One Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

Complete Food Points List

Here is a list with most of the foods you can consume and their specific WW points:

  • Anchovies, 1 small can, 45g: 2 WW Points
  • Apple juice, 1 glass 100ml: 1
  • Apricots, dried, 50g: 2
  • Avocado, ½ a medium 78g one: 4
  • Bacon, 1 lean rasher: 1, 1 rasher, streaky: 2
  • Bagel, plain 80g: 6
  • Barbecue sauce, 2tbsp: 1
  • Beans (butter, black-eyed, borlotti, broad, cannellini, flageolet, haricot, kidney, soya), cooked or canned, 1 heaped tbsp: 1
  • Beef, braising steak, 100g: 3 burger, 1 standard 56g: 4 mince, 140g: 8 roast, 1 medium slice: 3
  • Beer: bitter, ½ pint: 3, 1 bottle, 330 ml: 4
  • Biscuit, 1 chocolate digestive: 2
  • Bran flakes, 1 medium bowl, 30g: 3
  • Brazil nuts (two): 1
  • Bread: 1 slice wholemeal/white, granary: 2,  ½ baguette: 10
  • Butter: 2 tsp: 2 half-fat, 2 tsp: 1
  • Cheese: Camembert/goats/mozzarella 40g: 3  Cheddar, 40g: 5 Cream, full-fat,/mascapone 40g: 5
  • Chickpeas, 1 heaped tbsp: 1
  • Chicken: breast, 1 raw skinless, 165g: 4 drumsticks, 1 raw skinless, 160: 1 roast, 1 medium slice: 1
  • Cider, ½ pint, dry or sweet: 4
  • Cod, 1 raw medium fillet, 90g: 2
  • Coffee: 0
  • Cola: regular, 330ml can: 4 diet: 0
  • Coleslaw: 1 tbsp: 3 reduced-calorie, 1 tbsp: 1
  • Cooking spray, low-fat four sprays: 1
  • Cornflakes, 1 medium bowl 30g: 3
  • Couscous, 1 portion cooked 150g: 4
  • Cranberry juice, 1 glass 100ml: 2
  • Cream: double, 1 tbsp: 2 half-fat/single 1 tbsp: 1
  • Crème Fraiche: 1 tbsp: 3 half-fat, 1 tbsp: 1
  • Custard: 1 small pot 150g: 4 low-fat, 1 small pot, 150g: 3
  • Doughnut, 1 jam or ring: 6
  • Dover sole, 250g: 5
  • Drinking chocolate, 1 tbsp: 2
  • Eccles cake: 5
  • Egg: 1 medium: 2
  • Egg custard tart: 6
  • Fig, dried, 22g: 1
  • Fish finger, grilled: 2
  • Flour, wheat (any type), 1 level tbsp: 2
  • Fromage frais: low-fat fruit 125g: 3
  • Fruit cake, 1 slice 60g: 6
  • Fruit squash, sugar-free: 0
  • Gammon steak, 170g: 6
  • Grapefruit juice, 100ml glass: 1
  • Guinness, ½ pint: 3
  • Haddock fillet, 120g: 2
  • Halibut fillet, 120g: 3
  • Ham, Parma, 2 thin slices: 2
  • Hazelnuts, 10: 2
  • Ice cream, low-fat,1 scoop: 2
  • Jaffa cake: 1
  • Jam: 1 heaped tsp: 1
  • Jelly, ready-to-eat 125g pot: 3
  • Kipper, 150g: 9
  • Lager: 1 bottle 330ml or ½ pint: 3
  • Lamb: lean leg steak, 100g: 5 chump chop, 130g: 8 roast, 1 lean 30g slice: 2
  • Lasagne sheet: 2
  • Lemon sole, 170g fillet: 3
  • Mackerel: 150g fillet: 9 smoked: 14
  • Margarine, any sort, 1 tsp: 1
  • Marmalade: 2 heaped tsp: 3 reduced-sugar, 2 heaped tsp: 2
  • Mayonnaise: 1 tbsp: 3 low-fat 1 tbsp: 1
  • Milk: semi-skimmed, 284ml/½ pt: 4 skimmed: 3 whole: 5 soya, unsweetened: 2
  • Muesli, medium 50g bowl: 5
  • Mushrooms, creamed 213g can: 5
  • Noodles: egg, 150g: 3
  • Nut cutlet, 1 medium 87g: 8
  • Oatcake: 2
  • Oats, 30g dry: 3
  • Oil, (olive, sesame, sunflower or vegetable) 1 tsp: 1
  • Orange juice, unsweetened, 100ml glass: 1
  • Parsnip, 90g:2
  • Passata: 0
  • Pasta, white, 150g: 4 wholemeal, 150g: 5
  • Peanut butter, 15g: 3
  • Peas (fresh, frozen or canned) 1 heaped tbsp: 1
  • Pesto sauce, 1 tbsp: 2
  • Popcorn, air-popped 25g: 4
  • Pork: roast, 1 lean 35g slice: 2 mince, raw weight 140g: 6
  • Potato salad, 1 tbsp: 2
  • Potatoes: baked, pre-cooked weight 150g: 3 boiled, 150g: 3 mashed, 120g: 2 roasted in lard or oil, 100g: 4 sweet, 150g: 4
  • Prawns, king, cooked weight 100g: 3
  • Quinoa, dried 100g: 9
  • Quorn: burger 50g: 2
  • Raisins, 1 heaped tbsp: 2
  • Rice pudding, ½ 215g can: 5
  • Rice: brown, boiled, 150g: 6 white, easy-cook, 150g: 6
  • Salad cream light, 20g: 1
  • Salami, thin slice: 1
  • Salmon, tinned pink, 106g: 4 fillet, raw weight 130g: 6
  • Sardines: in brine, 120g: 5 in oil, drained 120g: 7
  • Sausage, pork, 40g: 3 reduced-fat pork, 40g: 2
  • Scampi, in breadcrumbs, 100g: 7
  • Taco shell, medium: 2
  • Taramasalata, 1 tbsp: 4
  • Tofu, regular or smoked, 50g: 1
  • Tomato juice, 100ml glass: 0
  • Tonic water, 250ml: 2
  • Tuna: in brine/spring water, 70g: 2 Medium steak, 140g: 5
  • Turkey: mince, 140g: 5 roasted, 2 medium slices (no skin): 2
  • Vanilla extract, 1 tbsp: 1
  • Venison, haunch meat, 120g: 3
  • Wine: red/rose/dry white, 175ml glass: 4
  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener): 0
  • Yogurt: Greek, plain 150g: 5 Soya, plain, 150g: 3 low-fat plain, 150g: 2
  • Yorkshire pudding: 1
  • Zest (lemon, lime, orange): 0
  • Zucchini fritters, 100g: 5

The above food list with WW points originally appeared on MailOnline in  2010.

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