8 Unhealthy Foods You Should Not Eat Ever Again

8 Unhealthy Foods You Should Not Eat Ever Again

From weight gain and obesity to tooth decay, diabetes, and heart disease. All these can happen to you if you eat any of these unhealthy foods.

When you are dieting, usually you have to restrict certain foods to see real results. Most often, you’ll reduce your carbs intake and try to eat whole foods for a healthy weight loss.

Don’t worry, no one says to avoid eating pasta and pizza for your entire life. But if you want to lose weight, then you can’t eat any of these unhealthy foods.

They are so bad for your health, that you should avoid them forever, not just while trying to lose weight.

The Most Unhealthy Foods

When you know what you are eating, and how unhealthy it can be, it will help you say no to it easier.

So check out this list with the most unhealthy foods you shouldn’t eat ever again. Next time you want to reach for one of these foods, think twice!

1. Sugary Sodas

Unhealthy Foods - Soda

Soda is full of sugar!

If you drink high amounts of sugary drinks, like sodas, they can have various effects on your health.

You can increase the chance of tooth decay, metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes, and a higher risk for heart diseases.

Sugary drinks are also associated with weight gain and obesity. You will just drink empty calories with no nutritional values.

Try to switch from these sugary drinks to more healthy options instead.

Instead, you can drink fruit-infused water. It will give a fresh flavor and more nutrients to your usual water.

2. Processed Cheese Products

Unhealthy Foods - Processed Cheese Products

Avoid processed cheese.

These processed cheese products are the ones you find sliced and wrapped in a plastic bag, or in cans in sprayable forms.

They are high in fat, salt, and contain too many calories. So when you eat the salt, the fat, and the calories, that can only lead to weight gain.

In the end, you’ll be overweight, which puts you at higher risks of diabetes and heart disease.

So if you find yourself craving some nachos, don’t use that canned cheese, but instead, make your own cheese sauce using real cheese.

3. French Fries

Unhealthy Foods - French Fries

French fries are tasty but equally unhealthy.

Potatoes are both healthy and unhealthy vegetables, and this can make you think about whether you should eat them or not.

The starchiness of them makes them a high-glycemic food and therefore it is a risk for cardiovascular and metabolic health.

But potatoes are also high in water and fibers and full of nutrients which make them good for you.

When it comes to french fries though, and other kinds of fried potatoes, they should be at the top of our list with unhealthy foods.

That’s because fried potatoes increase the risks of mortality over the years, a study showed.

You have to also know that they are not good for your health or weight because of their high-calorie content.

Also, like french fries, potato chips are high in fat and contain too much salt and refined carbs.

But this doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating potatoes forever. You just need to consume and prepare this vegetable in a healthy way.

So if you find yourself craving some potatoes, that’s ok as long as you choose a healthy version of preparation. Forget the fried kind of potatoes and choose mashed, boiled, or baked.

4. Hot Dogs

Unhealthy Foods - Hot Dogs

This is what unhealthy looks like. Tempting, right?!

When you eat a hot dog you are just consuming a processed meats sandwich.

Hot dogs contain low-quality cuts of meat filled with chemical flavoring and way too much sodium and dyes.

But the worst thing is that they are full of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. These “ingredients” are added to preserve and color the meat. But they are also used to kill pests and rodents.

Consuming hot dogs will increase your risks of various cancers, diabetes, and heart diseases.

So stay away from this really unhealthy and way-too-processed meat to make sure you are not putting your health at risk.

5. Microwave Popcorn

Unhealthy Foods - Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is healthy, but not the one you make in the microwave.

Yes, even that microwave popcorn you buy from the store is a really bad choice for your health.

It contains a toxic artificial butter flavoring (diacetyl). This can cause lung and respiratory problems and may even cause damage to your brain.

These microwave popcorns are also full of preservatives. For example, some of the brands use propyl gallate. This preservative causes tumors in lab rats and it’s being phased out of food products in many countries.

Next time you are watching a movie, you don’t have to skip the popcorn though. You can still enjoy it by preparing this snack by yourself.

Make your own popcorn with natural ingredients on your stove using a pot with a lid. Put some avocado or coconut oil on it. And when it’s done popping, you can add a sprinkle of salt, or even cinnamon to make it a bit sweeter.

6. Fast Food Salads

Unhealthy Foods - Fast Food Salads

Fast-food salads are full of unhealthy fats and sugars.

If you think that when you are ordering a salad from a fast food restaurant you are choosing a healthier option than a burger, well you are wrong.

In some of these fast-food restaurants, your salad is packed with more fat and calories than a burger. This happens because they have those extra toppings and fatty dressings on them.

The best option is to make your own salad at home. Add your favorite veggies in a bowl and, to keep everything tastier and less fatty, choose a vinegar-based dressing. This way you won’t add those extra calories to your salad by using the wrong kind of dressing.

7. Multi-Grain Bread

Unhealthy Foods - Multi-Grain Bread

Opt for whole wheat bread instead of multi-grain bread.

This one can be confusing because it sounds and looks healthy but it really isn’t. Hey, it made to our list with unhealthy foods you shouldn’t eat, right? So it’s not that healthy as you thought.

A loaf of multi-grain bread is essentially white bread that has some sort of grain thrown on it. White bread is not the best thing you can eat because they lack nutrients and contain enriched flour.

Bread, in general, is low in micronutrients, high in carbs, and gluten can cause health problems to some people.

You should try to cut that multi-grain bread off of the shopping list and opt for whole wheat bread instead.

Whole grains are full of nutrients like proteins, Vitamin B, fibers, antioxidants, and minerals such as zinc, copper, and magnesium.

A diet rich in whole grains can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even some forms of cancer.

8. Light Yogurt

Unhealthy Foods - Light Yogurt

Greek yogurt is your best choice.

Think about this: when all of the fat is removed from the yogurt, something is put in it to make it look and taste good again. We’re talking about aspartame and other highly processed ingredients, and of course, sugar.

Just one small fat-free yogurt can contain up to 25 grams of sugar, so when you think of it, is not really a good choice for you.

The best thing to eat is plain Greek yogurt. And if you want to make it a delicious sweet treat, add some honey and fruits to it.

Now you know, these are the worst foods you could ever eat. Avoid these foods and you’ll do a great favor to your health and even your weight.

If you really think about it, these are just 8 unhealthy foods and it won’t be that hard to cut them off from your shopping list. You just need to remember that they are not what your body needs.

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