Effects Of Tongkat Ali On Stress Hormones And Psychological Wellbeing

Effects Of Tongkat Ali On Stress Hormones And Psychological Wellbeing

Tongkat Ali can help preserve your mental health. It helps balance your hormones and gives your body the boost to function at its best capacity.

Are you not performing with a hundred percent efficiency in your daily life?

Are you constantly feeling fatigued and worn out?

Do you know that your psychological state affects how active and efficient you are daily?

A key reason why most of us can’t function at our full potential is the amount of stress we face 24/7.

Stress from work can affect your personal life and vice versa. To function at our full potential, we must keep our minds healthy and tackle stress the right way.

Tongkat Ali or LongJack or Eurycoma longifolia is called the miracle cure for many ailments. But can it help us live a stress-free life?

Let’s take a look at the effects Tongkat Ali has on our stress hormones and overall psychological wellbeing.

Does Tongkat Ali Reduce The Release Of Stress Hormones?

Every day we face challenges that cause stress. This occurs when we feel “attacked” by a problem or a situation. Our body turns on our natural alarm by releasing stress hormones. Our fight or flight response acts up, making our blood pressure rise and heart beat faster.

Being in a constant stressed state, we are unable to relax. This leads to numerous health problems and also causes premature aging. One such hormone is cortisol that is released in our blood.

Tongkat Ali decreases the release of stress hormones, aiding you in handling stress better.

One study has shown that Tongkat Ali reduces the release of salivary cortisol by 16%. So you can live happier with a healthy Tongkat Ali dosage to reduce stress daily.

How Can It Aid Your Psychological Health?

Decreasing cortisol levels is not the only way Tongkat Ali can help your mental health. This all-rounder health supplement can help handle a few other issues that harm our psychological wellbeing.

Ancient Southeast Asians have used this natural remedy to cure various ailments and improve wellness.

Let’s take a look at how we can use Tongkat Ali to boost our psychological health:

1. Improves Male Sexual Health

Depression and behavioral disorders in men often tend to be related to hormonal problems.

A top cause of depression in men is poor sexual performance and sexual dysfunction. It causes men to act out and often leads to low self-esteem, irritability, anger, and many other emotional problems.

Tongkat Ali has been used for thousands of years to aid sexual functionality in men. It is famous for reducing erectile dysfunction, and it does so by increasing and maintaining testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone that ensures male sex organs are functioning well. Psychological problems arise as this hormone declines with age.

Infertility in men also causes depression. A study has shown that Tongkat Ali can increase sperm count and make men more fertile.

2. Increases Libido In Women

Emotional health and sexual health are often linked in the case of women. Low sex drive occurs naturally with age. Before, during, and after menopause, libido declines in women. This can cause depression and emotional pain.

Lack of libido also occurs during and after pregnancy. During this period, most women feel undesirable and unwanted. Boosting sexual desire can help get out of this kind of mental prison.

The hormone estrogen is often associated with sexual health in women. However, a recent study has shown that a combination of the two hormones increases sex drive in women.

LongJack is the ultimate testosterone booster. It helps women maintain healthy levels of testosterone to increase libido.

3. Makes You More Active

How many times did you hear people say, “I feel tired all the time”. The inability to sleep and the demands of daily life can keep you in a constant state of tiredness.

Even teenagers feel low levels of energy and experience fatigue. As we grow older and take on more responsibilities, we grind on until we face burnouts.

Lack of vitality in men as they grow older has an enormous effect on their mental wellbeing. Other than age, factors like stress and hormonal imbalance hinder your energy levels.

Tongkat Ali reduces stress and helps balance your hormones by lowering cortisol levels and encouraging the production of DHEA and Androstenedione.

4. Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

Being overweight is a significant cause of low-esteem and depression. Both men and women suffer from weight-related depression.

Our busy and stressful daily lives can make it difficult for us to maintain our weight. Most of us spend the entire weekdays sitting in front of our desks at work.

Poor and unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, stress, etc., all add up to make us overweight.

All the above factors affect your metabolism, the chemical reaction that controls your bodily functions. Hormonal imbalance decreases your metabolic rate, making it difficult to burn your body fat.

Tongkat Ali balances your hormones and increases your metabolic rate, causing your body to burn fat. Being fit and energetic helps you feel happy and confident.

5. Increases Muscle Strength

Our fathers or grandfathers often express sadness over losing muscle strength as they age. Do you realize that would be you in twenty or thirty years?

This is an absolute nightmare for people who are into muscle building and strength training. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; with age, you will lose muscle strength.

Tongkat Ali helps preserve and nourish muscle strength. Dietary supplements of LongJack can help dieters and bodybuilders increase testosterone levels, which drive our bodybuilding and repairing functions.

We feel depressed when we don’t get the results we desire from our diets and workout regimes. Tongkat Ali is a treasure for dieters and fitness fanatics as it ensures you get the best results.

Tongkat Ali can help preserve your mental health. It helps balance your hormones and gives your body the boost to function at its best capacity.

Become more active and fend off stress by adding this natural supplement to your diet. Get a healthy body and mind with Tongkat Ali and live a stressless, blooming life.

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