How A High Testosterone Level Can Improve Your Life

How A High Testosterone Level Can Improve Your Life

High testosterone level is synonym with “winner”. So if you want to feel like one, increase your testosterone level and reap all its benefits.

Testosterone is an essential substance that works on the premise of “grow, thrive, and repair”. It is considered to be a very important and popular medical treatment that raises the levels of testosterone in men.

Therefore, you can say that it is one of the most effective health supplements.

If one goes back to the history of testosterone, then it was Brown Squad’s Elixir of Life where the use of testosterone was known.

There were about 12,000 physicians who prescribed it as anti-aging as well as performance-enhancing medicine.

Since then it has been the most controversial and sought-out substance used for health, fitness, and sports.

Is Testosterone A Steroid?

The chemical testosterone is said to be a steroid and biologically it is a sex hormone.

It is a controlled substance in the eyes of law especially in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US.

The production of testosterone is different in males and females. An adult man will produce 5 to 10 milligrams of testosterone, while an adult female will produce about 8 times less than men each day.

It is important to note that the adrenal glands that are located just above the kidneys are also a source of the production of testosterone. This is mostly in men, but you will also find it as a significant producer in women too.

The production of testosterone by the body is also done in other ways. One is that the hormone converts out of DHEA in women.

What Is A Healthy Level Of Testosterone?

The levels of testosterone fluctuate throughout the day. It is of high concentration in the morning and slowly decreases throughout the day.

The normal production is usually controlled by the bursts of other hormones.

The young adult man whose average age is around 19 to 39 years have usually a healthy level of testosterone. This is around 264 to 916 nanograms per decilitre.

If you consider the woman’s testosterone level, it is about 8-60 nanograms per decilitre.

Out of the total, only 25% is biologically active. About 2-3% is free testosterone and the rest is albumin.

The part that is remaining is bound to a protein that is called serum. This is the hormone that increases with estrogens in the body.

What Is The Role Of Testosterone In The Body?

The testosterone enters the cells like ghosts and binds to the androgen receptors. This either acts as a nucleus to the cell or serves as the prohormone.

This is in relation to both sex glands and tissues, like for example the hair follicles, the skin, and the fat that is present in the body.

It can be explained that the presence of 5-alpha-reductase mainly in the prostate or the skin gets converted to potent androgen or DHT.

The fat tissue in the body converts the testosterone to estrogens and also estradiol. This means the more fat tissue you have, the more amount of estrogen there is in your body.

There are many effects of testosterone in the body like:


This increases the level of protein synthesis as well as increases the strength of muscle mass.

Fat Of The Body

This makes a blockage of the fat content and storage of fat in the body. It also increases the number of receptors that help to burn fat.


Testosterone has huge effects on memory, cognition, sex drive, and also affects your feelings.


It helps to increase blood flow.


Testosterone also helps to maintain the density of your bones.

Male Sex Organs

It not only supports the production of sperm but also promotes the growth of the penis and erectile function.


Testosterone supports the production of collagen and also produces hair.


Testosterone produces EPO that helps to stimulate the production of blood cells.

The increase in the growth of insulin-like factors and healthy levels of testosterone are both associated with good health. And a high immunity of the body reduces the rate of mortality.

The fat in the body is reduced, which improves the metabolic rate.

A person who has low levels of testosterone and takes the best testosterone booster will improve his/her energy level, sexual performance and libido, and muscle mass.

The best thing about testosterone is that it reduces the body fat, helps get rid of the depression, and solves the problems related to the urinary tract.

Effects Of Testosterone

The lower the testosterone, the more the weight gain and reduction in caloric expenditure.

The prevalence of blood glucose also increases in the body and then men suffer from insulin insensitivity. This is how it affects the body in a negative manner.

It acts collectively in both men and women and directly on the nervous system. It regulates metabolism by burning calories and maintains a very healthy level of glucose.

Testosterone also stimulates the growth of muscles. This is the reason that it is called an anabolic steroid.

The effect of testosterone is that it activates the muscle fiber cells. These cells incorporate into the existing muscle cells. It combines together and forms the new muscle fiber.

Testosterone also increases the control centers that are present in the muscle fiber. If this is combined with strength training, then it increases the sensitivity of the receptors.

It is also said to be anti-catabolic. This is because it helps to block the catabolic hormones such as Cortisol. This is why testosterone is both anabolic as well as anti-catabolic.

Testosterone is a fundamental requirement for building and maintaining muscle mass and also for rapid muscle gain.

It increases the strength and power just by increasing the size of the muscles.

It has also shown an increase in the amount of calcium in people who take testosterone supplements. This, in turn, helps with muscular contractions.

The testosterone also helps to increase EPO and stimulate the red blood cells. If there are more blood cells then there is more capacity to carry the oxygen. This helps the muscles to work faster.

You will find that it highly affects athletic performance.

The sexual activity and fertility improves with testosterone. It stimulates nitric oxide and blood flow. The structural improvement is through ensuring that the man’s penis is working and performing properly. It also improves the tissues involved in the flow of impulses required for sexual activity.

Another positive part is that it blocks the enzyme that would cause the man to lose erection.

How Does It Affect Strength Training?

Testosterone helps to boosts the energy level of a person. So a person who trains continuously might get exhausted but with testosterone, the capacity increases.

This also applies for other exercises like cycling, running or even performing high-intensity interval training.

Effect On Mindset And Lifestyle

It is called king of hormones because it will make you feel like a winner. It also helps you in stressful situations.

You will feel confident and your mood improves. This happens more when you win a match and your testosterone gets stimulated.

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