8 Best Tips For Stress Relief You Should Try Right Now

8 Best Tips For Stress Relief You Should Try Right Now

7. Exercise

I know that everybody hates hearing that they need to exercise. So in this tip I’m gonna give you some ideas on how you can incorporate exercise into your schedule already. This is without making additional time for exercise.

So while you are doing dishes, brushing your teeth, doing laundry, cooking dinner you can actually keep your core engaged. Just keep your ab muscles flexed. Also you can do calf raises or squats. You can incorporate movement, incorporate a little bit of physical exercise into the things that you’re already doing.

So maybe while you’re watching a TV show or a movie, you’re down on the floor doing sit-ups. When you’re carrying bag groceries from the grocery store, go ahead and do a couple of curls with that bag.

You could turn your stress relief fun activity, your hobby into something that’s also a physical exercise. So maybe it’s going for a run, going hiking, or maybe it’s joining a soccer team or an after-school sports team.

The idea here is that any little tiny way that we can add physical exercise into our lives is not only going to improve our overall health, but it’s really going to help us handle stress and lower our overall stress levels.

8. Get Some Fresh Air

Oxygen is incredibly important for our mental clarity and not to mention our overall health and proper functioning of our bodies.

Just going outside and getting some fresh air, getting some sunshine can be a really good way to relieve stress, especially if you’re somebody who spends many hours at work, sitting in front of the computer, sitting in a cubicle. I even have a little timer on my computer that will tell me if I sit for more than one hour.

The idea here is that we just make time even if it’s just a couple minutes here and there to do some deep breathing or to get out in the fresh air. If we’re spending a lot of our time indoors or sedentary that is going to drastically increase the overall amount of stress that we’re feeling and the likelihood that certain experiences will really stress us out.

It is completely free to walk outside and breathe some fresh air, so I encourage you to do it as much as possible.

I hope that you found some useful tips in this article and if you did please be sure to share it with your friends. Stay fit!

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