How To Stay Fit And Healthy During College Years

How To Stay Fit And Healthy During College Years

Staying fit and healthy during college might seem a nightmare for students. But with the right approach, this is definitely achievable.

When you’re at school, life seems easier and usually, there is plenty of time for friends, hobbies, and sports. It seems like nothing will ever change.

However, in college freshman’s life turns upside down. The workload is constantly increasing and the closer it gets to the deadlines, the more stressful students become.

These affect the nutrition and the level of activity, which certainly causes health problems and leads to losing good shape.

It’s hard to maintain a study/life balance during college, but it’s important to take care of your mind and body in order to succeed in studies and social life.

Tips To Remain Healthy During College

Here are some tips on how to stay fit and healthy during college.

1. Sleep Smart And Sound

Stay Healthy During College - Sleep Enough

Getting enough sleep is an essential thing for good health. Every young adult requires at least 8 hours of sleep, however, in reality, only 10% of students stick to this rule.

You know how it starts – lots of homework, deadlines, Net surfing, social life. All these things take lots of time and effort and we can’t imagine a student’s life without them.

That’s why it’s important to optimize some processes in order to have more time to rest.

If you have too much paperwork and have no idea how to stick to the deadlines, you can use online services. This way you can avoid stress, and sleep safe and sound.

In case you want to track the amount of time you spend on social networks – just download apps like Toggl or MyMinutes and check how much time you spent on different activities.

Never underestimate the role good sleep plays in your life. Lack of sleep leads to obesity, insulin sensitivity, and eating disorders.

2. Always Remember About Breakfast

Stay Healthy During College - Have A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast fuels your body with energy and nutrients.

Those who skip the first meal of the day usually feel tired and have problems with their heart and concentration. [1]

Also, it’s impossible to meet daily nutritional requirements without a healthy breakfast.

Moreover, in such situations, breakfast is typically replaced by unhealthy snacks that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. Such nutrition affects a person’s mood and behavior.

Good food has a proven impact on learning outcomes. [2]

Make sure you always have enough time for a hearty and healthy breakfast, as your morning meal defines your performance throughout the day.

3. Stay Active

Stay Healthy During College - Stay Active

There is no surprise that due to the constant amount of homework and other daily routines of a student, most of the freshers neglect sports.

This is a common thing even for those, who used to be very sporty in high school.

These happen because an adjustment period takes lots of time and even those who had some sport-related habits before college, forget about them while adapting to the new way of life.

A good trick is to join a sports club straight after moving to the campus. They provide regular physical activities for students and help students to socialize. It’s a nice way to meet new people, stick to the regime, and stay fit.

You can also go to the gym. However, it won’t help you get engaged in students’ life faster and can also be costly. Another alternative for those looking to save money would be to follow a calisthenics program and work out from the comfort of your dorm room or at a local park.

Physical activities have a great impact on the brain. Those students who exercise regularly have better memory retention and focus more. [3]

4. Maintain Water Balance

Stay Healthy During College - Drink Water

The best tip is always to carry a bottle of water no matter where you go.

First of all, water helps optimize physical performance. This is extremely important when it comes to intense exercise. [4]

Moreover, hydration has a great impact on brain function and working memory. [5]

It’s a well-known fact that water is a key factor when it comes to losing weight. Drinking plenty of water increases metabolism and makes you feel full of beans.

A little tip: make sure the water you drink is cold. In that case, the body needs additional energy to heat it to body temperature and you will lose weight even quicker.

To crown it all, staying fit and healthy during college is not that hard to achieve. However, it’s important to stick to a healthy diet and train regularly.

Your daily routine influences your performance at college, so make sure you do your best to increase your productivity.

There are plenty of options for students on campus to stay active, so find something that works for you and commit your college years to improve your physical and mental health, not vice versa.

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