6 Questions About Your Spinning Class You Might Be Afraid To Ask

6 Questions About Your Spinning Class You Might Be Afraid To Ask

We’ve put together the best answers for some common questions that can come to your mind when thinking of joining a spinning class.

Well, we all know that cycling is a great exercise for the body and keeps us fit. But no one wants to go out for a bike ride in the scorching heat of the sun, on a rainy day, or in the chilly winter mornings.

However, indoor spinning can help you achieve all the goodness of cycling at the comforts of indoor.

Though riding a spin bike is as good as going for outdoor cycling, there are several questions that might come into your mind about a spinning class.

Questions And Answers About Your Spinning Class


Possible Questions About Your Spinning Class

You might be afraid to ask your spinning class experts those questions, but don’t worry, here we have all the answers to your possible questions.

1. Is A Spin Bike Alike A Road Bike?

Unlike road bikes, an indoor spin bike doesn’t have any gears. You will find a resistance knob in a spin bike to regulate the intensity of your muscles in order to increase RPM (revolutions per minute, used to measure the pace of your workout).

The instructor will provide you with some resistance numbers that you must try to achieve during your spinning class.

In order to attain the right pace you can increase or decrease your resistance knob as per your comfort zone.

2. Do We Need To Adjust Our Spin Bike?

A few small adjustments to your spin bike can really make a difference. You can adjust the bike according to your height, length of your arms and legs.

Here are few simple tricks to determine what all adjustments are to be done:

  • The seat should be adjusted up to the height of your hips when you stand next to the spin bike.
  • Your legs must bent at an angle of 25 to 30 degrees at the bottom of the pedal stroke once you sit on the bike.
  • The knees must be aligned over your toes when you pedal similar to a squat position.
  • Proper distance between the handlebars and the seat must be maintained. To check this place your elbow on the tip of the seat and then adjust the seat back or forth whichever is required.
  • The height of the handlebar should be adjusted so that you feel comfortable while working out. Do not position the handlebars too low as it can result in more strain on the lower back, which can cause shoulder, neck and back pain.

3. Do We Need Any Special Shoes For Riding The Spin Bike?

You can wear a pair of sneakers while riding your spin bike. But there are several specialized spin bikes that are more compatible with cycling shoes.

These cycling shoes are safer for riding in comparison to sneakers and are ideal for workouts on spin bikes.

These shoes comprises of hard soles that distributes the weight evenly across the bottom of your feet and prevents unnecessary pressure on the foot.

Thus, it is advisable to wear cycling shoes while working out on spin bikes.

4. Which Types Of Clothes Are Best Suited With These Bikes?

While working out on spin bikes you must wear something that can absorb the sweat running out of your body so that you stay cool and the clothes do not stick to your body.

The best-suited clothes for working out on the spin bikes are listed alongside:

  • You can wear t-shirts or tank tops made up from wicking fabric that are capable of absorbing sweat from the body and keeping it cool.
  • Wear either padded bike shorts or a three-quarter tights for your spin class. However, padded bike shorts are advisable for better comfort.

5. Can Spin Bikes Help Us Getting Early Results?

Some workouts might not provide early results. However, spinning is one such workout which is best known for achieving unbelievable results in a short period of time.

Working out on spin bikes can help us burn a lot of calories, shed fat from the entire body, and get the desired results at a faster rate.

Thus, you can get better and faster results during a spinning class.

6. Are We Getting Proper Training?

Never doubt the potential of your trainer and always have faith in him. Do remember that he is specialized in that field and has proper certification.

So, always believe what your trainer recommends you and incorporate that in order to get better results.

Spin bikes can seem to be intimidating at first, but they are quite effective.

There can be several questions that might come to our mind while attending to a spinning class. Above listed are the answers to some of your questions which hopefully will help you to understand spin bikes in a better way.

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