Instant Fixes For Sore Muscles After A Tough Workout

Instant Fixes For Sore Muscles After A Tough Workout

An energetic fitness routine requires you to pay some price in the form of getting sore muscles. In this situation, you will need a particular post and pre-workout muscle pain treatment.

Fortunately, some simple remedies are available for instant recovery after a tough exercise session.

Muscle soreness related to fitness is commonly known as DOMS (delayed-onset muscular pain).

If you are making drastic changes in your workout routine, it will be challenging to avoid DOMS. You can try below tips to get rid of sore muscles.

Sore Muscles Tips

Here’s how to easily prevent and treat sore muscles:

1. Stretching Before Workout

Before every workout, you have to extend your stretching and warmup routine. It will prepare your entire body for an exercise and decrease the influences of DOMS.

You can perform dynamic stretches before the fitness routine and continue it with some static stretches. Mild walking lunges and legs swinging are dynamic stretches.

2. Preparation For Weight Training

People often jump straight to a weight rack while moving to a gym, but loading muscles without sufficient preparation can increase your chances of severe DOMS.

It will increase your risk of pulling muscle, ligament, and tendon during a workout. With the cardio portion, you can warm up your muscles.

If you are interested in a weights-only exercise, you can add heart-pumping elements to warm up, like jump rope or jumping jacks.

You should pay attention to your posture while doing your workout to avoid DOMS. Choose your weight as per your form to decrease the chances of soreness.

You should opt to lift 50 pounds accurately instead of 100 pounds in the wrong way.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential before a workout to decrease inflammation and avoid cramping after exercise.

If your workout routine leads you to extra sweat, you have to drink water, and protein shakes to hydrate your body.

4. Take An Ice Bath

Every pro sports and college team locker room contains ice baths and athletes are invigorated to jump into this water. Cold showers can significantly decrease your muscle soreness.

If you don’t have an arrangement for an ice bath, you can use cold compresses to treat affected areas.

5. Use Heating Pads

After your intense workout session, you can wait for 2 to 3 hours and apply heating pads on sore muscles. It can stimulate your blood flow and loose up tender muscles. It will speed up your healing procedure.

6. Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

You can consume cherries and pineapple because enzymes available in pineapples offer anti-inflammatory benefits. These work better than anti-inflammatory medicines.

Moreover, you can try supplements comprising bromelain at stores.

7. Use Your Sore Muscles

After your workout, you must use similar muscles in non-resistant methods to decrease the chances of soreness.

For instance, if you have sore muscles from a skiing workout, you can try bike riding the next day.

8. Get A Massage

Self-massage can be a useful treatment for your sore muscles. You can use magnesium oil to massage the affected area.

Use a foam roller or massage stick to relax your sore muscles and relieve tension by stretching them.

Hopefully, these 8 tips will help you prevent getting sore muscles in your next gym session. Or at least will help you recover if you already have muscle soreness.

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