4-Week Bikini Body Slim Down Challenge For Summer

4-Week Bikini Body Slim Down Challenge For Summer

The summer holiday is coming, and I’m sure most of you would want either to slim down, ready for summer vacation, or to hit the beach in your bikini. To get you ready, I want you to do this workout for the next 4 weeks.

This 4-week bikini body slim down challenge combines total body strength, cardio and abs, which is the most effective way to burn fat and to lean up. Here are the specs of this slim down challenge:

Workout duration: under 20 minutes;

2 – 3 Sets (rest 1 min in between sets);

8 Intervals per each set;

Each interval: 45 secs workout, 15 secs rest;

Calories burned: over 250 cals, depending on your weight and height;

No equipment needed.

Slim Down Challenge Exercises

This workout is gonna be intense enough to give you results, so don’t skip your warm-up and cool down and aim to do at least 5-10 mins of stretching moves for each.

1. Front Lunge Hop

Lunge forward, bring your leg up and hop. Beginners can do this exercise without the hop, just lunge forward and bring your leg up.

Slim Down Challenge Lunge Hop

2. Single Leg Push-up

Get into a push-up position and lift one leg up as high as you can as you go down and squeeze your butt. Alternate legs. Beginners can perform this exercise onto their knees, like it’s shown in the picture below.

Single Leg Push-up

3. Squat With Rotation

Do a normal squat, hop and rotate to the other side. Beginners can do it without the hop.

Squat With Rotation

4. Superman To Push-up

Get down on your belly into a superman position, stay there for 2 seconds and push yourself all the way up. Beginners can do the push-up onto their knees.

Superman To Push-up

5. Sumo Squat With Side Bend

Get into a sumo squat position, stay there and just crunch and work on the side of your abs.

Sumo Squat With Side Bend

6. Side Plank Crunch

Get into a side plank, bring your free hand behind your head and crunch the side of your abs bringing the free knee towards your elbow. You need to really engage your core in order to maintain balance. You can work on the other side in the second set.

Slim Down Challenge Side Plank Crunch

7. Crunchy Frog Exercise

Stay down on your butt with your legs and arms straight. Without touching the floor with any other body part besides your butt, bring your knees towards your chest and hug them. Beginners can do one leg at a time (so you will sit on your butt and one leg).

Slim Down Challenge Crunchy Frog

8. Plank With Hops

Sit into a plank position and hop left, middle and right with your hands on the floor all the time.

Plank With Hops

In order to get the best results from this slim down challenge, perform this workout 3 – 4 times weekly on alternate day and eat a well balanced diet.

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Really really intriguing post! I’ll try to track that continues here! Thank you.