Important Skills That Health And Wellness Promoters Need  

Important Skills That Health And Wellness Promoters Need  

Aspiring to become a part of the successful health and wellness promoters worldwide? Then you need effective communication, organizational, and analytical skills.

Healthcare is one of the industries that always has an abundance of job openings.

However, if you like working with people, but you don’t think the medical field is for you, you might want to consider the area of health and wellness promotion.

Here are some skills you should have to be successful in this field.

Essential Skills For Wellness Promoters

If you want to be part of the successful group of wellness promoters, you must possess these three important skills:

1. Effective Communication Skills

In wellness promotion, you may work for an insurance company checking on patients while they are recovering from major illnesses or accidents once they go home from the hospital.

You will need the ability to talk to people in person or on the phone to check on their well-being.

You will also need to communicate information to them, such as resources, to aid in their recovery and to know about the insurance benefits that could help them.

If you work for large corporations, you may give presentations to employees about fitness or wellness programs that your company offers.

Listening is also vital to your career. To understand a person’s needs or their goals regarding their fitness, you need to actively listen to what they tell you.

If you’re not listening, then you won’t be able to guide them on their path to recovery or fitness.

2. Organizational Skills

In a career as a health and wellness promoter, you must have excellent organizational skills. These skills involve three areas:

Physical Organization

This skill involves knowing where your physical files are, keeping a clean, clutter-free desk, and managing your calendar of appointments.

If you’re organized, you will be on-time to all your appointments and meet your deadlines at work.


When helping people, it’s important to make decisions regarding what information you should give them about getting the additional help that they need.

If you are working with someone at a fitness center, then you will need to decide what to teach them.


In your role promoting health and wellness, your teammates are the clients that you’re helping.

You will need to work with them so that they get better, set goals for recovery or for getting fit, and figure out how to motivate them when they are frustrated about setbacks.

Great organizational skills are the key to every aspect of your job.

3. Analytical Skills

The clients that you speak with may have questions about their recovery, getting healthier, or exercises that will help them achieve their goals.

The ability to quickly analyze information, do research, or come up with creative solutions will be invaluable to you.

You can never predict the type of information that people will want or need, whether they are clients, managers, or employees that you supervise.

The ability to come up with answers or solutions quickly will make your job easier, especially if you have several clients.

Part of coming up with quick answers will be the need to keep abreast of information within the healthcare field and at your company.

You don’t want to risk providing clients with the wrong answers. Because this is frustrating for them, they can lose confidence in you, and it ultimately wastes a lot of your time.

If you have an interest in helping others and like the area of health and fitness, then a position in health and wellness promotion might be the perfect career for you.

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