How To Get Fit In Six Simple Steps If You’re A Newbie

How To Get Fit In Six Simple Steps If You’re A Newbie

Learning how to get fit might be a little bit overwhelming for a fitness beginner. This guide will make things clear and simple.

Physical fitness has numerous benefits such as improving health, controlling weight, and increasing energy levels. Also, it decreases your vulnerability to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Regrettably, for a newbie, getting fit is daunting and you don’t know where to start. Below is a guide to how to get fit and say hello to a fitter and healthier you.

Beginner’s Guide On How To Get Fit

Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind if you’re a fitness beginner who wants to get fit fast:

1. Develop The Right Attitude

Developing the right attitude can be the difference between succeeding and failing in getting fit. It prepares you to make lifestyle changes to sustain your fitness journey.

With the right attitude, you are ready for the setbacks, successes, and failures that come with fitness.

Fitness is like any other sport out there; sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy, sometimes you don’t feel like working out, or sometimes you might wanna eat a treat.

These things don’t matter when you are motivated and confident. You always find a way to overcome those lazy days.

Remember, it all starts with the attitude.

2. Set Fitness Goals

Set a goal of what you want to achieve in your fitness quest and after how long.

For example, you can decide to have a 30-minute run every day for four months to lose 10 pounds.

Also, you can set a goal of going to the gym four times a week for six months to increase flexibility and build muscle.

Or maybe you want to improve your stamina and set a weekly increase in your jogging program.

Whether you’re a newbie to fitness or not, it shouldn’t be hard to set your goals because there’s always a reason for the workout you’re doing.

Some might want to get abs, others to get fit and healthy overall. All of these are goals people work hard towards.

So if you set your goals (maybe write them down and hang them on the wall) and adopt the right attitude, then you’re already a winner.

3. Get A Fitness Partner

How To Get Fit For Beginners - Find A Partner

It is much easier and more motivating to work out with someone than alone. You can get a fitness partner to share the pain and gain of getting fit and motivate you.

Ensure that you make a fitness schedule that works out for the two of you and keeps you committed.

This is the main reason people go to gyms instead of working out alone at home; to socialize and exchange ideas and experiences.

If your character is weak you might end up skipping a day or two of exercises. But when you have a friend who’s always pushing you, you know you don’t want to disappoint him/her.

So get a partner, set your goals together, and never look back!

4. Incorporate Physical Activity Into Your Day-to-day Routine

Getting fit starts with including physical activity in your day-to-day routine. Even 15 extra minutes of activity a day can have a big impact on your fitness goal.

It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking your dog regularly.

You can consider walking or riding to work as opposed to driving if your workplace is near your home.

In addition, you can clean your house regularly to create a better living environment and burn calories.

I personally prefer to walk for one hour in the evening, and I do it every day – no exception. But some of you might be super-busy.

Anyway, there’s always a simple way to incorporate more physical activity into your daily schedule. You just have to be more creative.

5. Start An Exercise Routine

Exercise is important when you’re trying to get fit and healthy. Start an exercise routine and aim to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

When it comes to exercise, only your imagination can limit you. You can dance, do yoga, go swimming, or run. Whichever routine you choose, ensure that you adhere to it every day and you will reap the gains.

You can also switch between exercises to break monotony and spice up your fitness regime.

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be about going regularly to the gym. You can easily get active, burn calories, and get fit at home. YouTube is full of workouts suitable for any fitness level.

Or better, do what you really enjoy. If you’re into team sports, such as football, basketball, or baseball, go join an amateur sports team. It’s an amazing way to combine pleasure with your fitness goals.

6. Watch Your Diet

How To Get Fit For Beginners - Eat Right

Getting fit and healthy is not just about physical activity; you have to watch your diet too. When you become more active, your body requires fuel to keep you going.

Now, depending on your fitness goals, you need to follow a diet that’s suitable for your personal case. But as general advice, you should follow these rules no matter the diet you choose:

  1. Switch to whole grains and vegetables and avoid solid fats and unhealthy snacks.
  2. Keep off junk food and stock your fridge with healthy alternatives.
  3. Ensure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  4. Complement your diet with lots of rest to help your body recover lost energy and stay refreshed.
  5. Stay away from alcohol and other empty-calorie drinks.
  6. Eat whenever you’re hungry, but never after 7 PM.
  7. Don’t skip your breakfast.
  8. If you really need to eat a sweet treat, breakfast is the most suitable meal where you should do it.
  9. Always stop eating when you are full (sometimes it’s better to stop eating right before feeling the sensation of fullness).
  10. Have fruits and veggies with every meal.

Getting fit may be strenuous and overwhelming for a newbie, but the results are worthwhile.

A good diet together with a long-term exercise plan will keep you in good shape, improve your health, and prevent certain diseases.

If you want to get fit and don’t know where to start, use this guideline and get ready for the fit and healthy version of you.

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