How To Bring Self-Reflection Into Your Workout

How To Bring Self-Reflection Into Your Workout

Self-reflection sounds like something reserved for the yoga studio or a shrink’s sofa. Some people picture it as a teenage girl’s diary, with tear-stained pages and doodles of hearts and rainbows. While journaling is indeed a form of self-reflection, you don’t have to be a hormonal youth, struggling with intense emotions from your first bambi heartbreak to experience it.

Self-Reflection Into Our Lives

Self-reflection is something that we can – and should – try to bring into every part of our lives. That includes our workout regimen and the choices we make regarding our health. We can’t expect to see the results we want without reflecting on the choices we are making to get there.

It is a fantastic way for us to experience growth, giving us a chance to evaluate our goals, see how far we’ve come, and decide what we still need to do to get to where we want to be.

From careers to relationships, we tend to practice self-reflection frequently to help us solve our problems – even if we don’t realize it. Maybe you took a second to think about why you made a certain business decision to help you avoid a potential work disaster. Or, maybe you argued with a friend, and stopped to ask yourself why you were upset, so you could try to mend the relationship. Whatever the reason, we have all trusted self-reflection to provide a solution to a problem in our personal or professional life.

Self-Reflection Into Our Health

Careers and relationships aren’t the only places we have set-backs, though. Your health is as much of a priority as careers and relationships, and as such, it requires just as much self-reflection. Why aren’t you making progress in your physical fitness goals? Why aren’t you committing yourself to those goals as much as you know you should be?

Whether the weight isn’t coming off as planned, you haven’t been building muscle as you’d hoped, or you are struggling more and more to make it to the gym, fitness struggles are a part of life. While common, they are not insurmountable. If you are seeking a solution, it’s time to ask yourself the right questions.

Self-Reflection For Fitness Set-Backs

Power Racks Now has built this infographic from sound advice they gathered from trusted fitness experts to help you bring self-reflection into your workout.

Self-Reflection For Fitness Set Backs

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