6 Important Reasons To Eat Organic Food

6 Important Reasons To Eat Organic Food

People eat organic food to escape the poisonous chemicals that come with commercially grown food. Here are six more reasons to go organic!

When it comes to organic food, diet is not even an issue. Our ancestors lived on organic food and cancer was something they never knew about.

Modern farming methods involve the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. The chemicals are not good for the environment.

You shouldn’t eat “toxic food” unless you have no other options. But if you have, it’s time you live like your forefathers and foremothers.

According to statistics, most Americans are turning to organic food. Maybe it’s because they know these reasons to eat organic food.

Reasons To Eat Organic Food

Organic food is healthier.

Why Should We Eat Organic Food?

Glad you’ve asked. Here are six important reasons to eat organic food:

1. To Avoid Chemicals

People eat organically grown foods to escape the poisonous chemicals that come with commercially grown food.

According to research, every American consumes about 16 pounds of chemical pesticides a year from food. Many of the chemicals were approved by EPA before they were even diet-tested.

The FDA tests pesticide residue in 1% of foods and rules the rest as safe. But the pesticides are dangerous and require severe testing.

Before the relevant institutions get their stuff together, stick to organic products to stay safe.

2. They Are Non-GMO

Genetic Modified Organisms or GMO are animals or plants created through a DNA combination of different species unnaturally.

In the US, some of the GMO produce is corn, soy, beets, and alfalfa crops. What scientists try to do is to make plants weather tolerant and pest-resistant.

The best example is corn. It’s combined with a bacterium to create its own insecticide.

The insecticide kills the pests, and after the corn is harvested and consumed, it damages the intestines and human cells. The toxin can’t be washed off because it becomes part of the crop.

Consuming organic food saves your health!

3. We Get Safe Drinking Water

The more chemicals are sprayed, the harder it becomes to preserve cleaner water. Take a look at the Gulf of Mexico. The rain has carried chemicals to the Mississippi River and dumped into the ocean.

So, chemicals are not only making our water unclean, but they are also harming the oceans and hurting the organisms that depend on that water, especially those whose habitat is the oceans and seas.

4. You Eat More Nutrients

GMO foods have some nutrients taken from them.

Organically grown foods develop naturally and are rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients because they are grown in a soil that it nourished through sustainable standards such as organic fertilizers.

According to a review, organically grown foods have more nutrients than conventionally grown ones.

In fact, organically grown veggies such as lettuce, carrots, spinach, potatoes, and cabbage contain some vitamin C. The same vegetables grown in a modern way have no traces of vitamin C.

Organically foods have more iron, Vitamin C, magnesium and phosphorus by almost or over 20%.

5. It’s Good For Farmers

When the whole country prefers to eat organic food, conventional food will have fewer consumers, and that will lead to a reduced reliance on the food.

Farmers will have to rely less on chemical and agri-engineering methods. They will make a financial commitment to growing their food under the organic model to beat the fast-growing demand.

Also, farmers are business people, and they don’t want to grow food that won’t be consumed. Some organizations are supporting farmers to go the organic way.

6. It Keeps Our Kids And Their Future Safe

How our kids grow depends on what they eat. We must protect them from GMO, junk and inorganically grown foods. It’s more like investing in the food industry and making it organic.

The food industry market is evolving and rolling the sector to organic will ensure there will be healthy food in the future and hundreds of years to come.

Since conventional foods have been linked to some ailments affecting people, the world would be a better place if we all eat organic food.

Our future food depends on our decisions. Save the world by growing and eating organic good.

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