5 Reasons To Drink Protein Smoothies After Running

5 Reasons To Drink Protein Smoothies After Running

Should you consider drinking protein smoothies after an exhausting run? Yes, you should! And here are five important reasons to do it.

Plenty of muscles are involved when running. In addition, the muscles are susceptible to small tears when carrying out a vigorous activity.

The rebuilding of the torn muscle fibers requires amino acids, which are primarily obtained from proteins.

Proteins are the main component in human muscles and aids in the production of neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes that work in harmony to control various body processes.

The significance of proteins in the reconstruction of muscles, especially after running, cannot be underestimated.

Whereas you can easily obtain proteins from other diets, there is a reason why protein shakes are popular among runners and gym fanatics.

According to DrinkFit, a lot of people prefer to drink at home protein shakes rather than buy prepared smoothies because the amount of proteins is easy to measure when you do it by yourself.

So, why should you drink a protein smoothie after running?

The Benefits Of Drinking Protein Smoothies After A Run

Here are a few reasons why you should never forget to drink your protein smoothies after running:

1. For Post-Running Muscle Repair

Protein smoothie contains whey, casein, and soy as their main components. The key advantage of the inclusion of whey in protein smoothies is that it’s easily digested and absorbed into the bloodstream for quick assimilation. This ensures timely and fast repair of your muscles.

Failure to consume proteins post-running will result in muscle soreness and fatigue instead of increasing strength and stamina.

In fact, taking protein shake within 25 minutes after your running session helps your body to heal the micro-tears on your muscle fibers and hence strengthening your muscles.

This will also help you to get back to another running session in another day and still maintain a solid exercise.

2. Reduces Appetite And Hunger

Protein shakes reduce the level of hunger hormone known as ghrelin while increasing the levels of appetite-reducing hormones.

In addition, intake of protein after running will help you feel fuller for the most part of your day. This is an effective tool for weight management owing to the reduced cravings and consequently fewer food intakes.

It will also help your body to maintain weight after a previous weight loss. Therefore, protein smoothies are recommendable supplements to work out for weight loss.

3. Keeps The Doctor Away

You certainly know that sometimes muscles soreness and fatigue accompanied by muscle cramps can cause unbearable pain that may require you to seek medication.

However, taking protein smoothies immediately after your running session keeps you away from such troubles.

In addition, protein shakes promote healthy living by aiding in weight loss and maintaining ideal weight and hence protecting you from complications that arise from obesity.

By limiting your food intake, your body lacks sufficient calories to add weight.

Therefore, take a cup or two of protein shakes after your workout to protect yourself from work-out pains and weight-related issues.

4. To Achieve Your Daily Protein Requirement

Are you aware of your daily protein requirement? The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is 8 grams per 10 kilograms of body weight.

However, the value increases depending on the daily activities of an individual. Here is a protein intake calculator for your reference.

Evidently, your daily protein intake should be higher than the RDA value considering that running consumes a lot of calories.

For athletes, it’s highly advisable to increase your daily protein intake to about 1.3 grams per kilogram of body weight.

Protein powder contains 80% proteins, so it is a significant addition to other protein sources.

Therefore, intake of protein smoothie is a recommendable way to supplement your daily protein requirements and maintaining optimum body health and strength throughout the day.

5. Quick Morning Diet

According to scientists, breakfast is the most important meal. However, it has been found that a large number of people skip breakfast due to various preferences.

Do you hate taking meals in the morning? Then taking one or two cups of protein shake will keep you going by providing you with an appreciable amount of calories before taking your main meal. Besides, it takes less time and energy to gulp down the smoothie.

Your body loses a significant amount of energy besides your muscles getting worked up when running.

Therefore, you need to replenish your body to help your muscles heal quickly and regain energy. Protein smoothies provide vital amino acids and are quickly absorbed in your body for faster results.

Besides, the smoothie helps in weight management and is a considerable supplement for protein diet in order to achieve your daily protein requirement.

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