8 Powerful Tips For Productive Outdoor Workouts

8 Powerful Tips For Productive Outdoor Workouts

There’s nothing wrong with working out indoors, but after a while, it becomes repetitive and dreary. So check out these tips for productive outdoor workouts.

There’s something nice about breaking out and exercising in nature – even if that means running down a city block.

But before you make the outdoors your personal playground, take some time to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

Tips For Productive Outdoor Workouts

The idea of working out in the great outdoors is appealing – especially in late spring and early fall. However, many find that their notion of what it’s like to exercise outside is quite different from reality.

In most cases, this is because they fail to think about the unique elements and intricacies that are present. But by planning ahead, you can neutralize these elements and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Here are some powerful suggestions for you to get the most out of those productive outdoor workouts:

1. Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be

Never exercise outside without first letting at least one person know your plans. If you’re running, provide them with a basic overview of your planned route. Should something happen – such as an accident – this little bit of clarity will help people find you.

2. Wear The Right Clothing

The right clothing is important regardless of where you work out but is especially significant when you’re exposed to the elements. In addition to the right clothing, be mindful of protecting your eyesight.

Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays that put you at risk of cataracts, AMD, and pinguecula, among other eye conditions,” Swagel Wootton Eye Institute explains. “Because some level of UV radiation is always present — even on cloudy days — it is important to protect your eyes with sunglasses that filter out 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

3. Carry An ID

While the risk of something happening to you during an outdoor workout is quite low, it has been known to happen.

Whether it’s a heart attack during a run, an accident with a motor vehicle, or even an abduction/crime, it’s wise to protect yourself as much as possible.

One piece of advice is to carry your ID with you. If you don’t want to carry around your driver’s license, an ID bracelet or necklace with name and contact information can serve the same purpose.

4. Make Yourself Visible

If you’re biking or running along the side of a road, remember that drivers aren’t looking for you. They’re focused on other vehicles, as well as the distractions inside their own vehicles.

Just because you see a car, doesn’t necessarily mean the driver sees you. Make yourself as visible as possible – particularly at night – by wearing bright, reflective clothing.

5. Turn Down The Music

An outdoor workout is a perfect opportunity to listen to music, an ebook, or a podcast. However, be cognizant of the volume level.

Loud music will prevent you from hearing what’s happening around you, which could put you in danger.

6. Grab A Partner

Working out with a partner is a great way to stay safe, accountable, and motivated through a particularly tough workout routine.

Try to find a partner who is at or near your same level of fitness so that you can both push each other and experience similar results.

7. Listen To Your Body

While there’s something to be said for pushing through and finishing a workout, don’t do so at the expense of your health.

Safety comes first, and you should take a breather if you experience symptoms like dizziness, headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, weakness, rapid heartbeat, or cool and clammy skin.

8. Hydrate Yourself

On a related note, always bring water with you. Proper hydration is especially important when working out during hot months where sweat causes your body to dehydrate faster than it would indoors.

Stay fueled up and never leave home without a water bottle.

Exercise Your Way

The truth is that we all have different needs, tendencies, wants, goals, and desires. No single workout is right for everyone.

The key is to find out what you want from a workout and to find as many different regimens, exercises, and strategies that help you reach these goals.

For many, the occasional outdoor workout provides a nice break from the doldrums of spending hours inside. Give it a try and see what you think!

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