7 Pre-Workout Reminders To Get The Best From Every Workout

7 Pre-Workout Reminders To Get The Best From Every Workout

We all know that before every exercise routine, you need to prepare your body muscles. And this list with 7 pre-workout reminders is the best way to do that.

Did you know that, before that, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to help you get through your exercise and attain maximum results?

If not, let me share them with you:

  1. Be patient;
  2. Get good sleep;
  3. Avoid stress and find new methods to relieve it;
  4. Eat nutrient-rich foods;
  5. Don’t miss on water;
  6. If possible, skip risky situations;
  7. Do your exercises correctly.

And if you already knew these, there’s nothing wrong with reminding them again. So let’s dive straight into details to see how these pre-workout reminders can help you get the best out of your fitness program.

Pre-Workout Reminders

Here are a few pointers to remember before starting your workout session:

1. Don’t Rush

Patience is a virtue! You lose the ability to recover from strain quickly with age. It’s less about age and more about hurting yourself.

How long has it been since your last exercise? If it’s more than a day, it’s advisable for you to start slow to get your body used to exercise and to avoid harming your body before you even attain any results.

Ensure you follow a sensible workout regimen and progress gradually in intensity for better results.

Don’t overdo your exercise. Also shorter and more frequent workouts can help you achieve your workout goals with time.

Design a workout program that ensures you take your training step by step and not rush through only to fail and start afresh.

You should start with a program that lasts at least 12 weeks if you want real, safe results. Avoid those 2-week workouts and diets that only leave you disappointed at the end.

2. Sleep Enough

Exercise is just a signal that you want your body to change.

Sleep is crucial to help your muscles recover, optimize your growth hormones and to keep your hunger hormones at work. It relaxes your body and mind.

Ensure you get at least 7 hours of rest before the workout. Exercising without enough rest is parallel to training while tired; you’ll get tired quickly and strain your muscles even more, resulting in injuries.

3. Relax And De-Stress

If getting a 7-hour sleep is difficult, you can resort to hitting the sauna or steam bath before you shower.

Taking around 15 minutes of heat therapy helps your muscles recover by increasing growth hormones responsible for rebuilding and repairing your body tissues.

Pre-Workout Reminders - Pack On Nutrients


4. Get Your Nutrients

Ensure you follow a balanced diet with higher protein content, healthy fats, and appropriate nutrient supplements regularly to help rebuild and repair your body.

Foods with a high content of protein are as follow:

  • Black beans;
  • Lean meats;
  • Greek yogurts;
  • Almonds;
  • Avocados;
  • Eggs;
  • Legumes;
  • Salmon, etc.

You can also take some protein powder to supplement your protein intake if necessary. Or check this article with a more detailed list of protein-rich foods.

Also, it might seem like a counter advice, but you have to eat fats if you want to get in shape. Yes, there are healthy fats too.

Check out the quick guide to fats from Fitness Informant to help differentiate between healthy and unhealthy fats.

But that’s not all! Besides protein and fats, your body also needs other nutrients. You can get them from fruits and vegetables.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

During exercise, you lose a lot of water via sweating. Once you begin your exercise or change your routine, you’ll experience muscle soreness.

Take water before, during and after a workout to keep your body hydrated and reduce pain.

A combination of high protein intake, lots of water and even taking nutrient supplements can help your muscles recover.

Pre-Workout Reminders - Avoid Painful Exercises


6. Avoid Injury Risks

It’s not always true that the harder you train, the quicker the results. The smallest amount of intensity helps your body adapt and change.

Straining is not always the answer; your body may not recover thus resulting in injuries and sickness. Find a workout that’s in between, where your exercise is neither too hard, nor too easy.

7. Do Your Exercises The Right Way

It is better not to exercise than to exercise wrongly. Every exercise has a target body part, and if done incorrectly, it may strain the wrong muscles.

Incorrect push-ups strain your chest and triceps, while incorrect squats and lunges strain your quadriceps. Make sure you start your training with a professional to learn the correct technique.

Repeat these pre-workout reminders every day until they become habits. Exercise is a process, so be patient with your body and take as much time as possible in the program. Don’t expect results overnight.

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