Does Sweating More Make You Lose More Weight?

Does Sweating More Make You Lose More Weight?

Do heated workouts or those that cause sweating a lot help you burn more calories and therefore lose weight faster? This is a great question, and I know that you’ve done it before. You’ve done a really sweating workout and afterwards you hopped on the scale and may have noticed that you’re a couple of pounds lighter and you got super excited. Well, don’t get that excited!

Here’s what’s happening when you’re sweating a lot during a workout and you notice that your scale weight goes down chances are that’s due to the fluid you’ve lost in sweat. So as soon as you rehydrate, and you should rehydrate immediately, your scale weight should go back to where it was before your workout.

If only it was that easy to lose that much fat weight so quickly. So here’s why this happens:

What Happens When You Sweat?

Our body’s temperature is controlled through sweating, so when we sweat, we cool down our skin, we cool down our entire body’s temperature. It’s good to know that sweating is not the most accurate way to measure how intense your workout is or how many calories you’ve burned. As the picture says, you may sweat pounds without burning almost any calories.

The “shocking” fact is that you burn more calories while working out in the cold, than while working out in the heat. Your muscles contract more to warm your body when it’s cold outside, even if you can’t feel these small contractions. And to do this, your muscles need more energy, which means they burn more calories.

Every time you burn calories, heat is released and this is what helps keep your body’s temperature up and stable. On the other hand, not every time you sweat, you actively burn calories.

Sweating doesn’t indicate you how hard, fast or intense your workout is. Instead, your heart rate and how tired do you feel are much better indicators of the gravity of your workout and of how many calories you are burning.

Sweating Is Not An Exercise Intensity Indicator

Remember, it’s not about how much do you sweat, it’s about how hard you’re working. And you don’t always want to be expending as many calories as possible during every single workout you do. You should do low and high intensity workouts because you don’t wanna be working at high intensity all the time. That’s a good way to burn your body out and overtrain.

So make sure that you’ve got high and low intensity workouts and mix of all different types of training: cardio, strength and flexibility. This way you’ll get the best chance at long lasting weight loss.

I hope this helped you clear things up about sweating and weight loss. Stay fit!

Sweating and weight loss

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