The Paleo Revolution Infographic

The Paleo Revolution Infographic

Just like the colorfully illustrated infographic says, you can eat like a Paleolithic Era caveman with all the health benefits implied. There were very few pollutants in the environment that cavewomen had to worry about. The food supply wasn’t corrupted either. Natural nutrition is best. The time-tested Paleo diet is back with a vengeance although updated for modern consumers and fitness buffs seeking the ultimate weight loss “holy grail”.  The Paleo Revolution is the answer to over-processed high-calorie foods and harmful refined sugars.

They knew what they were consuming so many millions of years ago. Sticking with a balance of what nature had to offer, early man downed fruits and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, nuts and seeds, seafood, and good fats.

Modern diseases like diabetes did not rear their ugly heads. Now blood sugar levels can become stable with sensible and natural foods. We do have to avoid what they did as well: carbs, sugars, alcohol, dairy, and preservative-laden foods and oils.

Their intake was simple and harm-free. Adhering to the plan yields multiple benefits and improved well-being. Allergies are reduced, fat burning is more efficient, and clear skin and better teeth are guaranteed. A boost of energy is bound to happen and remain more constant throughout the day. The cartoon-like infographic caveman mascot leads the way to diet progress symbolizing the straight-forward no-nonsense regimen. Read the charts and learn the basics. Surveys conducted to assess its value have yielded positive reports from happy participants.

Surprisingly, the Paleo Revolution is not new and dates back to 1970. However, it’s novel to most people now having just entered the media realm and promises to be a long-lasting practical choice that everyone can follow.

Source: HipChickFitness

The Paleo Revolution Infographic

The paleo revolution infographic

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