Nutritious Meals Every Bodybuilder Eats

Nutritious Meals Every Bodybuilder Eats

Add these nutritious meals to your everyday diet to achieve a strong, lean body. Every bodybuilder does it, so why don’t you do it too?

Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding is different from powerlifting. The former is a lifestyle while the latter is a sport that involves lifting the heaviest possible weights.

If you are like most people, bodybuilding means being physically healthier and stronger.

To achieve this, many bodybuilders eat nutritious meals and engage in activities that help burn muscles and develop lean muscular physiques.

Nutritious Meals For Bodybuilders

It takes weeks, months, or years to achieve the ideal body. But these nutritious meals can help achieve your goals faster:

1. Egg Whites For Breakfast

Nutritious Meals For Bodybuilders - Egg Whites

Eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman recommends lots of diverse meal plans to bodybuilders. However, he always emphasizes the power of egg whites, often recommending 2 cups of egg whites every morning. Coleman is not alone in recommending egg whites for bodybuilding.

Statistically, egg whites have one of the best protein-to-fat ratios. For every gram obtained by consuming the meal, your body gains 60 grams of protein.

Compared to other sources of proteins, egg whites offer the best value. One cup of egg whites is 84% protein, 8% carbs, and nearly 0% fat.

Of course, moderation is key. While protein is important, always strive to balance your meals.

2. Fish In Your Main Course

Salmon For Weight Loss

Unlike egg whites, fish contains fats. Still, it’s one of the best sources of protein, especially since you also want to consume healthy fats.

  • Salmon comprises 69% protein, 27% fat, and 0% carbs.
  • Tuna is 88% protein and only 6% fat.
  • Trout and Sardines contain 56% and 47% protein and 40% and 50% fat respectively.

Tuna is certainly the best breed if you are looking for fish with the lowest fat count. It’s recommended by many nutritionists to boost your immune system and enhance weight loss.

If you would want to try Tuna or any other fish, make sure you prepare it right. Research the best fish recipes, source ingredients, and do the cooking on your own. It takes some time but can be done.

Alternatively, if you don’t like to cook on your own, consider using one of the best meal delivery plans for fish foods such as companies like HelloFresh to source ingredients and work out a recipe for you.

3. Legumes To Source Carbs And Proteins

Essential Vitamins - Vitamin B

Part of bodybuilding involves gaining weight. But at the same time, you don’t want to get carbs from just about any source.

Legumes like beans and peas offer the best way to source healthy carbs. This is because these sources also offer fiber, an important component of a healthy meal.

Beans, in particular, also count as vegetables and are the only foods to be listed as both proteins and veggies by the USDA. A half-cup of beans contains 7 grams of protein, 25 grams of carbs, and 25% fiber.

  • Navy beans produce the highest amount of carbs (78%).
  • Lima beans produce 71% carbs while kidney beans are 57% carbs.

Like fish, beans can be incorporated into multiple meals. Most meal delivery services can help you come up with the right meal for you.

Gobble, for instance, offers a variety of Mexican recipes that include beans and Asian foods that combine rice with lima/kidney beans.

4. Small Portions Of Red Meat

Nutritious Meals For Bodybuilders - Small Portions Of Red Meat

Meat is unavoidable if you are serious about building muscles. It is not the healthiest source of protein but it helps you add variety to your nutritional plan.

Lean meat is also a high-protein source and acts as a good choice for bodybuilders that want to build muscles fast.

A meal plan that offers nutritional advice like Martha & Marley Spoon can help you figure out how to incorporate meat into your diet plan.

How you consume meat also matters. Deep-fried meat increases your calorie count tenfold. Barbecuing meat introduces chemicals that cause health concerns.

Like everything else, meat is best taken in little amounts to supplement other protein sources.

White meat sources like chicken and fish offer fewer saturated sources and are more recommended by doctors.

5. Whole Meal Carb Sources

Nutritious Meals For Bodybuilders - Mashed Potatoes

Skip your trip to fast food restaurants and prepare mashed potatoes at home. They are sweet, keep your stomach full for longer, and are not a risk to your health. Besides, potatoes, oatmeal, and most cereals are good sources of carbs.

By comparison, processed carb sources fuel your muscles only for a short period of time. And when not used up, your body converts them into fats. Most processed carbs also contain chemical properties or other components that are not healthy.

For your bodybuilding goals, find good natural sources of carbohydrates that also provide fiber. Some, like legumes, also provide proteins to your body.

6. Antioxidants-Containing Vegetables And Fruits

Healthy Diet - Eat fruits

Antioxidants help repair body cells. They are also good for your health and can lower your risks of certain diseases.

Consuming fruits and vegetables with antioxidants give you additional health benefits like vitamins and minerals.

  • Strawberries, wild blueberries, plums, and oranges are the best sources of antioxidants in fruits.
  • Spinach, kale, broccoli, and beets provide excellent sources of the source mineral from vegetables.

As you probably know, fruits and vegetables are an important part of any healthy meal. While you consume other things, always add vitamin-providing foods to your diet.

7. Whey Protein Meals

Types Of Protein Powder

Whey is one of the best protein supplements. Derived from milk, whey contains all the good things milk provides and nothing of the bad fats.

Nutritionist commends whey intake based on your body size. If you weigh 150 pounds, consume 150 grams of whey every day.

How should you consume whey?

  • Add some to your mid-morning smoothie and mix some into your pancake flour.
  • If you love shakes or protein bars, you can always add whey to your ingredients.

Keep in mind there are three types of whey and each has different benefits.

What you eat determines how well you can achieve your bodybuilding goals. So stay away from fast foods and indulge in these nutritious meals to get the great physique you’re looking for.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle guided by healthy, nutritious meals and you will be able to achieve your goals fast.

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