No Time To Workout? There’s No Such Thing, And You Know It!

No Time To Workout? There’s No Such Thing, And You Know It!

We all lead busy lives. But this doesn’t mean we all have little to no time to workout. In fact, we all have time for ourselves, just that the way we spend it is different from one to another.

Whether we’re juggling work with a relationship, side hustle, and social life or being a Mom with running a home and everyone else’s schedule, it can all feel a bit too much.

So much so that we stop prioritizing our health, leaning on the excuse that’s there’s just no time to workout. Which isn’t true. There’s always time to take care of yourself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes.

So, start now. Make time to look after yourself and fit fitness into your lifestyle. You don’t even have to make a massive change, just a few little changes are all it takes to take care of your health.

No Time To Workout?

Here’s what you have to do when there’s no time to workout for you:

1. Assess Your Situation

More often than not, we say we’re too busy, when really we’re just unproductive. It sounds harsh, but it really is the case.

The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to work out when you can work out is assessing your lifestyle. What is it like?

Are you tied up from 6 am until 12 am every single day? Or are you jumping from thing to thing like a headless chicken?

The only way to really find out is to document it. Write down everything you do in a day and the times. And yes, that includes checking Facebook. If you have time to check Facebook, you have time to workout.

Once you’ve finished, take a look at the list and see where you can rework your day. You should be able to remove some pointless activities or gather activities together to make your time more productive.

Then, you can figure out where a workout fits in.

2. Consider Your Options

Now that you know when you might have time to schedule in your workout, it’s time to think about the kind of exercise you might want to do.

If you feel like you need structure and guidance, joining a gym is always a good idea. You can get a detailed plan and stay motivated by joining workout classes.

But, being able to dedicate time away from other activities can also be hard. If that’s the case, have you thought about online personal training?

Just like when you join a gym, you can get a program designed for you and you still receive guidance and motivation. The only difference it’s all done in your own time, rather than at the gym – meaning you can do it from home.

3. See What Works For You

Once you’ve thought about the different ways you can work out in the time you have, you might want to test the waters.

Join that class, give that workout a test, get a trial membership at your local gym. Whatever you need to do to feel okay with the commitment you’re about to make with yourself, do it.

You can mix up exercises to fit with your lifestyle, and that’s totally okay. No rule says you have to pick one way to workout and stick to it. Only that you need to exercise periodically and even that’s unwritten.

So do what you can, when you can and never say never again! Never say there’s no time to work out because you make your time!

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