Home Workout Is For Everyone And Is Free Too!

Home Workout Is For Everyone And Is Free Too!

Why Home Workout?

Many people do not have a lifestyle that allows them to drive to a gym and than spend thirty minutes at the gym. Many people do not have the finances that allow joining a gym. The good news is that you can get a great home workout without having to travel anywhere or pay for anything.

There are things in your home that you can use for your home workout that are great substitutes for gym equipment. If you have an empty milk container than you have a weight set. If you have a chair than you have exercise equipment.

If you can afford home gym equipment like a treadmill or eliptical machine than by all means buy them but if you can not than don’t worry about it make do with what you do have.

Broom Twists

A tried but true home workout device is your broom! You can whittle away those love handles by placing the handle of your broom across your shoulders resting on your back and placing your hands towards the end of the broom on either side and slowly moving from side to side bending either to the side or in a twisting motion.

This easy to do exercise will work your waist out and help you to burn up calories.

Grab Your Milk Jug

You can make easy to use weights out of plastic milk jugs for your home work out. You can fill the jug with sand or water and cap tightly than do bicep curls and other exercises to work your upper body! These easy to use “weights” are a great way to get in some strength training at home.

Home workout

Have a Seat

A chair with a back on it can be a great way to do leg exercises especially if you have bad joints and can not run on pavement. Simple leg lifts while you are in a sitting position will work your legs and your core. Sit straight up with your lower back against the back of the chair and your knees bent with feet planted firmly on the floor. Slowly lift each leg from the hip. Do ten repetitions with each leg!

Other Options

If you have cable or satellite TV than you likely have an exercise channel somewhere on the lineup (usually for free). Get on the floor and get in front of the TV and follow the lead of the host! Or reproduce the exercises in these two videos below. A home workout can be fun and easy!

Home Workout Video for Women

Home Workout Video for Men

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