What Are Your Fitness Goals For The New Year To Come?

What Are Your Fitness Goals For The New Year To Come?

Whether you’ve followed a healthy lifestyle all the way through this year, or things have been a little up and down, the promise of a new year is an excellent time to reflect and set new fitness goals.

What did you struggle with, and what did you enjoy?

Did you create any good habits regarding health, or have you picked up a few that you’d rather break?

What do you want to achieve in the next year, and what steps will you take to do so?

While any day is perfect for starting fresh or setting new fitness goals, a new year can bring a lot of motivation so harness that and use it to your advantage.

Recommended Fitness Goals For Next Year

Here are some of the fitness goals you could think about for the upcoming twelve months:

1. Enjoy Your Food

As we all know, abs are made in the kitchen. Food is fuel for our bodies, and it’s a fundamental thing to get right to reap the benefits of overall good health. Enjoy it!

2. Eat Fresh Food

Regardless of your specific eating plan (whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, dairy free or don’t cut out any kind of food group) of course plenty of fresh produce is essential.

3. Balance Your Food

Fruit and vegetables should make up a large portion of what you eat, with a good balance of whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein.

4. Treat Yourself From Time To Time

You don’t have to cut out everything you enjoy to live a healthy lifestyle. If you want the occasional glass of wine or a slice of chocolate cake then have it!

5. Eat Moderately

Providing it in moderation, you’ll enjoy it more, and you won’t go way off track. 90% healthy foods and 10% what you fancy is a good rule to follow.

Don’t see it as a “cheat meal” or anything to feel guilty about. It just means you’re not feeling deprived but still eating well for most of the time.

6. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of plain, filtered water and green tea are also highly beneficial.

7. Supplement Your Foods

Even with a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals might be missed especially as some are quite difficult to obtain. Taking good quality multivitamins is a great way to ensure your body has everything it needs.

Just about everyone will benefit from a good quality multivitamin; then you can take others depending on your current health or conditions you want to protect against.

Take a look around your local health foods shop to see what’s available, herbal supplements like cinnamon, turmeric, and gingko biloba have all been shown to have good results on the body.

If you’re a bodybuilder you will of course, need supplements like creatine, whey protein, and glucosamine which will help you speed up the muscle building process.

8. Exercise

Another crucial element to good health is enough exercise. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey then light exercise such as walking, swimming or yoga can help you build up your strength.

9. Get Help From Professionals

If you’re no stranger to exercise and like to go for the burn, speaking to a personal trainer for tailor-made advice can be useful. Especially if you have reached a plateau with your goals despite the fact that you’re still working hard.

10. Find Motivation In Workout

Otherwise, you could try switching up your exercises and fitness routine to reach your goals. Changing things up could give you a new found boost of motivation too.

What were your fitness goals this year? Did you reach them? What are your fitness goals for the New Year? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy New Year, guys!

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