5 Things You Need To Know As A Beginner CrossFitter

5 Things You Need To Know As A Beginner CrossFitter

CrossFit is a very popular workout program performed by lots of celebrities, professional athletes, police academies and regular people. Even though it is scalable to anyone’s fitness level, there are a few things you need to know before becoming a CrossFitter.

Since CrossFit is a high intensity workout with various different exercises involved, it can be done by anyone with any fitness goal. It may help prepare you for a competition, or increase your strength and focus, or just make simple tasks easier for you.

As a CrossFitter you’re not only starting a new workout program, but you’re joining a nice and genuine community. So go ahead and train hard in a box (that’s a CrossFit gym), meet new people and enjoy this lifestyle full of benefits.

But before you start thinking of CrossFit competitions for beginners, there are a few things you need to know.

What To Know As A New CrossFitter

Don’t know what to expect when you’re a new CrossFitter? Check out these 5 things you should be knowing them by now:

1. Choose A Box

Since CrossFit is so simple to understand, you can even do it by your own, without joining a box.

There are lots of CrossFit workouts and instructions on CrossFit.com. So finding a good program and guidelines is very easy.

The less easier part is to find the motivation to help you stick to your WOD (workout of the day, which can be found on the official website as well). That’s where a box comes in help!

If you’re not a professional athlete or a super-dedicated person, you should join a box. You’ll have there all the support you need, mental and physical, from professional CrossFit trainers. This is the right and recommended way to start your journey as a new CrossFitter.

Just remember, if you’re motivated, you can also train by your own!

2. Define Your Goals

Figure out what your ultimate fitness goal is. Why do you want to become a CrossFitter?

Do you want to shed a few pounds by the end of the summer? Do you want to make new friends to share your fitness journey with? Are you a former professional athlete and feel like you should start training again?

No matter what your fitness goal is, CrossFit can help you achieve that. But to make your journey easier, you need to know what your ultimate fitness goal is in order to figure out the best possible way to achieve it.

3. Just Get Started

Don’t think of CrossFit as a gym class. If you’re thinking that way, you’ll end up as you did with your gym sessions: skipping them.

A CrossFit box is not a gym class where you NEED to go, but rather a place where you WANT to be. Just join a CrossFit box and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll fall in love with CrossFit from the first session!

You can’t get bored in a box, since there’s a new workout every day. And all of these workouts are assisting in building a solid foundation for the awesome CrossFitter you are about to be.

You’re going to continuously challenge and improve yourself. So yeah, this is something that won’t feel like a chore!

4. Do Some Research

CrossFit is awesome! That’s why it is so popular around the world. But since there are so many boxes, not all of them are offering the same price, performance and results. So before joining a box near you, check it’s website and see what others say about it.

Also, look for other options around you and compare prices, reputation and credibility. In the end, pick the one that fits you best, has some reputation and an affordable price.

5. Give It A Try

A CrossFit box membership can be a hefty investment, so you need to make sure this is the kind of activity you want to do regularly.

The best way to figure out if this is your way of life is to test it for a day or two. So ask for a free class. Most of the boxes will be happy to let you test their equipment because they know you’ll get in love with CrossFit.

But if this is not the case and the box doesn’t offer you a free class, then you have the option to watch a class and see how a workout session goes.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to lift as heavy as the CrossFitter you watch. This program can be easily adapted to your fitness level.

Becoming a CrossFitter is not just a journey to a fitter body, but to a greater motivation and clearer mindset. Also, millions of new friends around the world are waiting for you to share together the same passion: CrossFit.

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