Natural Remedies For Toothache – 6 Quick And Best Solutions!

Natural Remedies For Toothache – 6 Quick And Best Solutions!

An aching tooth causes discomfort that seems annoying as heck! So here are 6 natural remedies for toothache that can relieve this awful pain.

It not only stops you from relishing your favorite foods and drinks, but a toothache keeps reminding you of the inconvenience in the form of pain that occurs at regular intervals.

Good news is that you can get rid of the pain easily by following some best natural remedies for toothache at home.

However, knowing the cause of the pain is very much essential (if it has been persistent for some period of time) before you opt for self-treatment.

Once you are completely sure of your problem, you can follow these below-mentioned remedies for quick relief.

Possible Causes Of Toothache

Here are the most common causes of toothache:

  • Poor dental hygiene that may cause tooth decay;
  • Braces that rupture your gums and teeth;
  • A bacterial infection that causes pus and infection (in such cases, the pain extends to jaws and ear and sometimes the neck region of the affected side);
  • The emergence of a wisdom tooth.

Now let’s see how to get rid of a toothache naturally!

Natural Remedies For Toothache

Here are six ways to naturally relieve toothache at home:

1. Acupressure For Toothache

Acupressure is a scientific method of healing the pain by applying a specific amount of pressure at certain pressure points where life energies flow.

It is usually suggestible to get the treatment done by professionals to achieve the best results.

Below are some best pressure points for toothache which can be stimulated to get rid of the pain.

Whatever may be the pressure point, you need to apply the right amount of pressure (the pressure that feels pleasurably painful) at the below-mentioned points.


Acupressure For Toothache - Point ST36

Put your leg forward and move your finger one handbreadth below the kneecap. The Shinbone is the exact area where you need to apply the pressure.


Acupressure For Toothache - Point ST6

Clench your teeth and move your finger to the area where you can find a muscle bulging at the exact region that you have clenched.


Acupressure For Toothache - Point Li4

The point is located at the web area of your thumb and index finger. To locate the exact point, you can join your thumb and index finger. Place your finger at the bulge that appears at the point.

Move your fingers (thumb and index of left hand) apart and catch hold of the exact point with fingers of your right hand after which you can apply the right amount of pressure.


Acupressure For Toothache - Point GB21

This point is located on the shoulder and is quite easy to treat when handled by others rather than self-treatment.

Place your hands over the shoulder and move your fingers an inch backward.  The exact point is GB21 where the pressure is needed to be applied.

2. Apply Hot Or Cold Compress

Moderate amounts of heat when applied to an affected area can subside the pain and swell up to an extent which is why applying a hot or cold compress is one of the best natural remedies for toothache.

You can either buy hot or cold water bags at online stores or simply immerse a clean cloth into hot or cold waters before applying it at the jaw region where you can feel the pain.

3. Rinse With Salt-Water

Salt is a natural wound healer! It helps in flushing away the unwanted bacteria that’s been lying around your gums and teeth.

You can practice saltwater rinsing at least twice or thrice a day for quick healing.

Add half a tablespoon of salt to a glass of warm water and use this to rinse your mouth at regular intervals to obtain relief.

4. Vanilla Extract

The vanilla extract works as a great natural remedy for reducing tooth pain since it contains alcohol in it.

Alcohol can numb the pain and give you temporary relief. To use vanilla extract for toothache relief, you can simply take a cotton ball or a cotton pad and add a few drops of vanilla extract to it.

Apply the cotton pad to the painful area several times a day to get rid of the pain.

5. Relish A Hot Cup Of Peppermint Tea

If you love savoring beverages several times a day, you can replace your regular drinks with a hot cup of peppermint tea since it benefits your dental health, particularly to get rid of unwanted microbes.

Peppermint tea is mint flavored and can instantly kill any germs or microbes that got accumulated around your gums and teeth.

You have peppermint tea bags available online (readymade) to prepare your tea instantly.

You can also buy fresh peppermint tea leaves at your nearby markets to prepare your own flavorsome tea.

6. Try Using Painkillers

Choosing painkillers should be your last priority since these are the most powerful drugs that can exhibit side effects and this varies depending on your medical condition.

Painkillers can, however, be used with the approval of the doctor if you really feel that the pain is unbearable and difficult to endure.

The most common painkillers that doctors often suggest to get rid of a toothache are acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Tips To Relieve Toothache

Tips To Relieve Toothache

Use these tips to relieve toothache at home:

  1. Rinse and floss your teeth twice a day. It is much recommended to rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after each and every meal.
  2. Keep drinking water at regular intervals ensuring that you reach the target of drinking two liters per day.
  3. Avoid eating spicy and sugary foods.
  4. Treat your jaws with hot or cold compress twice or thrice a day.
  5. Do not miss the doctor appointment. Keep yourself updated with the oral check-ups!
  6. Include more of soft foods into your diet like yogurt, milkshakes, bananas, boiled and mashed potatoes, cheese, pasta, smoothies, and puddings.

A toothache may occur due to several reasons, ignoring which one may land up in serious trouble! Knowing the exact cause behind the pain is essential to prevent the problem from worsening.

Once you have consulted your doctor, you can start to follow some best and natural remedies for toothache.

Hot or cold treatment, vanilla extract, and a saltwater rinse are some best methods that one can follow to get rid of the pain.

You can also opt for acupressure treatment under proper professional guidance to get rid of a toothache naturally fast.

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