NAD Therapy – Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

NAD Therapy – Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

NAD therapy is a new treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. It helps flush out the drugs, reduces the withdrawal symptoms, curbs cravings, and energizes the body.

Every form of addiction is wrong. And there are numerous ways in which you can become an addict:

  • Cell phone addiction;
  • Social networking addiction;
  • Food addiction;
  • Gaming addiction;
  • Gambling addiction;
  • Travel addiction;
  • Pornographic addiction;
  • Beauty addiction, etc.

But one addiction is more dangerous than all of the above mentioned. And it’s not only the addict who’s affected, but the people around him have to suffer too. I’m talking about alcohol and drug addiction.

Alcohol and/or drug addiction is a monster. It lives inside you, feeds on you, takes from you, controls you, and destroys you.

Many people are addicted to drugs and alcohol due to different reasons:

  • Some may have started as fun to taste drugs and alcohol, and slowly they become addicted to it.
  • Others may have gone through difficult times and turned towards things that give them relief from pain and suffering. These things come in the form of drugs and alcohol.

The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics are very irrational. That’s because they are completely powerless over their addiction, and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.

NAD therapy is the exact solution for getting addicts out of the prison of addiction.

What Is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme of niacin that occurs naturally and helps the cells in your body to produce energy.

It helps to convert the energy from food into cellular energy for the proper functioning of the body.

If a person is high on drugs and alcohol, the tendency to produce NAD gets depleted, and the heat from food does not get converted into cellular energy.

In NAD treatments, the coenzyme niacin is administered intravenously, hence the name NAD IV therapy. Then it slowly mixes with the blood and travels to the brain.

IV infusion results in faster and effective absorption compared to oral or intramuscular administration of medicines. Here, the energy that the addicted person is getting is from the natural source.

So, the primary purpose of NAD is to provide fuel to all metabolic processes to release energy. As NAD is infused through IV, the person gets a lot of energy that eventually leads to elevated mood, and conscious awareness as the energy that the person is receiving is from a natural source.

When most people think about drug addiction treatment, they tend to think about the traditional detox process which is believed to be callous.

Therefore, many people leave it in the middle as detox is very intense because it can lead to anxiety, hallucinations, insomnia, depression, fatigue, irritation, and many more withdrawal symptoms.

A nutritionally-based approach to addiction, like NAD therapy, helps the individual to get rid of addiction without going through intense withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits Of NAD Therapy

As NAD is natural detox therapy, it is not a cure for addiction. Instead, it’s a healing process of the brain in a natural way towards recovery. It is not a drug-assisted detox program but a natural detox procedure.

NAD therapy is natural and won’t damage the body or the brain like some other drug-assisted detox programs.

These treatments can regenerate the cells, giving the recipient more energy, better sleep, and an overall feeling of improved health.

Other health benefits of NAD IV therapy include:

  • Improved concentration and mental clarity;
  • Better memory;
  • Elevated mood;
  • It also helps in overcoming depression;
  • Improved brain regeneration;
  • Reduced inflammation throughout the body, including the brain;
  • Increased mental function and cognition;
  • It also helps in restoring muscle function and makes you fit as a fiddle once again;
  • It’s a holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment;
  • Reduces cravings instead of just suppressing them.

Reasons To Go For NAD

Due to drug and alcohol abuse, the body does not get any cellular energy and natural stored NAD starts depleting, which results in improper functioning of the brain.

NAD therapy helps in flushing out all drugs out of the body in a natural way.

It does not suppress the cravings. Instead, it helps in curbing the needs of different drugs like opioids and alcohol and makes the recovery a relaxed and comfortable process.

Moreover, it helps the body to produce energy naturally without the help of caffeine and sugar or other substances.

The success rate of this form of treatment is high. People feel so good physically and mentally (because of the rejuvenating effects of the therapy). And their brain doesn’t crave the opioids like it used to.

If you, someone from your family or a friend is going through drug abuse and needs help to overcome, then NAD treatment for addiction is great to overcome addiction as the person will recover naturally without any difficulty.

Trying to overcome addiction is one of the hardest things for a person to do. But NAD therapy makes it way easier.

After all, addiction is a family disease; one person may use it, but the whole family suffers. So, don’t let your family suffer, let the NAD IV therapy help you get out of the suffering and make you a loving person again.

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