Can You Handle The Most Physically Challenging Tests In The World?

Can You Handle The Most Physically Challenging Tests In The World?

There are plenty of ways to keep your body fit. Many people like to do cardio exercises at the gym or workout at home to stay in shape. But sometimes, real fitness enthusiasts want to take their bodies to the absolute limits trying some of the most physically challenging tests in the world.

There are certain physical feats which require supreme levels of physical fitness. Many exercise enthusiasts take these on purely for the challenge. Some do it as part of a physically demanding job.

Putting yourself through one of the most physically challenging tests can boost your cardio and help you lose a lot of weight fast.

Top 3 Most Physically Challenging Tests

Here are three of the most physically challenging tests in the world:

1⃣ Army Ranger School

As well as wanting to serve their country, many people join the military for a job that keeps them in great physical shape. Army hopefuls need to be in tip-top physical shape to deal with the demands of their career.

Military members who want to achieve a higher rank often need to go through Army Ranger School. It involves three phases of functional fitness tests for combat leadership.

It’s no easy feat- 60% of people fail before the final stage. Those who pass gain the right to wear the Ranger tab on their uniform. The program lasts 61 days with around 20 hours of training a day. It’s designed for those looking to get into special combat forces.

While only the fittest can get through it, some people incorporate some of the tests into their home workout plans. For instance, aiming to build up to 80 perfect push-ups in under two minutes takes a lot of mental and physical fortitude.

2⃣ Triathlons

A lot of you avid runners out there might be able to manage 5Ks in your sleep. Many of you may have even taken on a marathon, which is an impressive physical feat in itself. But only elite fitness enthusiasts can manage the triathlon.

A triathlon is a three-stage race involving a 1,500-meter swim, 40 kilometers of cycling, and a 10 km sprint to the finish line. Aspiring triathletes need to train in all three disciplines. They also need to have an incredible amount of strength and core stability, as well as supreme mental dedication.

While becoming a competitive triathlete can take years of work, anyone can train for triathlons. You can find triathlon training tips online. Sites like TriFind can help you find a local triathlon to run. Triathlon training will make you super fit, as well as mentally focused.

3⃣ Mixed Martial Arts

According to a panel of experts, boxing is the most physically demanding Olympic sport. Wrestling and Olympic martial arts such as Judo and Taekwondo are also up there. While these are all challenging on their own, what happens when you mix them all together?

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) involves training in multiple disciplines to be able to take on all combat athletes. Many boxing and wrestling champions have taken on the sport and failed. It takes an athlete who has mastered various martial arts to be a championship-level MMA fighter.

Many MMA classes are open to beginners who want to use the sport to improve their physical fitness or martial arts skills.

These are our top 3 most physically challenging tests in the entire fitness world: Army Ranger School, Triathlons and Mixed Martial Arts. If you consider yourself a total athlete, then these feats will definitely test your limits.

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