How To Stay Confident When You Missed A Few Workouts

How To Stay Confident When You Missed A Few Workouts

You don’t have to be a career-driven, volunteering, multitasking freak to be out of time for the gym sometimes. It can happen for various reasons, maybe you had a period when you felt tired all the time, or maybe you had visitors for a few days… Whatever your reasons are, sometimes you skip gym, and you end up feeling bad about it. When the media shoves our head in a bucket of “No excuses!” we’re not left with much of a choice.

But we know from previous experience that sulking over it is not going to make us feel better- or look like supermodels. So let’s have a look at some small changes that we can make in order to stay confident after a bad period, and how we can get back on track.

Missed A Workout? Stay Confident!

1. Nutrition

Not everybody falls of the healthy-eating wagon when they skip the gym. Working out and healthy eating do not depend on one another, so if one doesn’t happen it doesn’t always mean the other one doesn’t happen either.

But if you did dive into a pizza box one day, and then half a pizza the next day, maybe you feel a bit sluggish. This isn’t helping your mood, so you need a quick fix.

The first suggestion is drinking water. It will make you feel lighter, and it will give you more energy. Besides, it improves your metabolism too! Next, make a dinner-date with yourself when you eat something healthy. If you plan on eating healthy dinners for starters, treat them as dates, or as important business meetings- you can’t cancel!

2. Do Workouts You Enjoy

One simple trick to getting back into the habit of working out constantly, start only with the exercises that truly bring you pleasure. If you remember you used to like running, do that 3 times a week. Loved the elliptical? “Ellipt-it” away! If you begin to associate working out with something you enjoy, it will be a lot easier to get back into this healthy habit.

3. Ask For A Friend To Help

Sometimes it’s tiring to fight all battles by ourselves. So let’s call on our own superheroes, whether they are our friends, parents or siblings, and help them save us from a bad routine. Ask your best friend to come with you to a run a few times a week. Or talk to your spouse about making it a family activity to play Frisbee each weekend, or go hiking every other weekend while the weather is still nice.

4. Try Something Completely Different

Sometimes the reason why we stop going to the gym is because it’s become boring. So you could try switching your workout. Maybe just a few tweaks help, or maybe a full workout makeover is what you need.

If you feel small adjustments will do, try to keep a similar schedule (legs on Monday, chest on Tuesday etc.) but add new exercises and remove the ones that you dreaded doing. This switch-up helps your muscles anyway, because changing our exercises every now and then “surprises” them and helps them develop.

If you need a full-blown change, why not look into a different activity? If you used to go to the gym, maybe try going bouldering- you might find that climbing steep walls is your new passion! Or if you can’t pull yourself together to go for a run anymore, you can go take an aerobics or Zumba class- still cardio, just different.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that we ALL have periods like this. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re down, you need to make sure you pick yourself up, dust off your workout clothes, and get back in the game.

Tell us your success story of how you got over a bad period and back into working out and staying healthy! How do you stay confident? Our comment box is open. 😉

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