Mexican Street Corn Is A Vegan And Gluten Free Recipe

Mexican Street Corn Is A Vegan And Gluten Free Recipe

There’s something so beautiful about traditional Mexican street corn that makes me want to just eat it all up!  I wanted to create a version inspired by how beautiful it is but with different flavors and textures, and, of course, healthy!  And, I’m happy to say, I think I succeeded.  I  know it seems impossible but this dish is even more delicious than it looks.  Which is just crazy.  

We ate Mexican street corn for three days in a row!  We served it to friends with fish tacos and I’m pretty sure they had a conversation about it on the car ride home (how could they not, it was so good!).  There is nothing better than fresh sweet corn.  Except, it turns out, fresh sweet corn grilled and topped with lime crema, cilantro and hemp seeds.  Sweet corn season starts in the Spring, so hop to it!

Serves 6 (Mexican street corn recipe is easily modified to serve as many or few as you’d like!)

What Do You Need

– 12 Ears of fresh sweet corn;

– 1 Cup of cashews (soak for at least 4 hours);

– 1/3 Cup fresh lime juice;

– 3 Tablespoons coconut milk;

– 1/8 Teaspoon sea salt;

– 1/4 Cup water;

– 1/2 Bunch chopped fresh cilantro;

– Hemp seeds to garnish.

How To Prepare The Mexican Street Corn

1. Preheat grill, on a gas grill medium/low heat is best.

2. Remove husks and silk from corn, leaving a bit of the stalks to hold onto when eating.

3. Prepare lime crema by combining cashews (drained) with lime juice, coconut milk, salt and water.  Blend until creamy.  Add additional water, one tablespoon at a time, if needed.  Crema should be thin enough to easily pour buy not watery.

4. Grill corn over medium heat, turning often, until cooked through and slightly charred (see photos for reference).

5. Presentation is so much with this dish so have fun with it!  Place grilled corn on a platter, drizzle with crema, sprikle generously with cilantro, hemp seeds and maldon salt.  Enjoy the Mexican street corn!


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