Meal Replacement Smoothies For Every Day Of The Week

Meal Replacement Smoothies For Every Day Of The Week

Most of you already have a blender in your kitchen, but what do you use it for? I personally used it for some frozen margaritas last summer and I used it quite often. But since last summer I don’t know if I used it more than 10 times.

This was until I recently discovered some great recipes for meal replacement smoothies. They are yummy, nutritious, healthy, super easy and quick meals. That’s why I drink at least one of these meal replacement smoothie every day, and it really replaces a meal.

Using these easy directions, you can transform a sweet smoothie into a meal full of nutrients. Not to mention the time you save replacing the dinner (or breakfast) preparation with just a press of a button. You can use this “extra” time to perform a full body workout, or to complete the bikini body challenge. No more excuses from now on!

7 Meal Replacement Smoothies

My kind of meal replacement smoothies would keep me craving free until the next meal, would be full of valuable nutrients like protein and fiber, and would taste as good as a piece of chocolate. Well, if all these meet your criteria for a complete meal, you just have to bookmark this article and use these recipes whenever you need them.

You can use your creativity when it comes to preparing these meal replacement smoothies and switch some ingredients there. But to keep it healthy and nutritious, you need to be careful with the quantities. So if you’re a beginner in nutrition and weight loss, you’d better follow these 7 recipes.

If you need more healthy recipes for weight loss, you can check our Recipes section or get yourself The Metabolic Cooking cookbook, which has many recipes for meal replacement smoothies. So pick your favourite recipe from each of the following 7 meal replacement smoothies and blend away!

Meal replacement smoothies

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