Love Your Body | Enjoy A Serving Of Happiness

Love Your Body | Enjoy A Serving Of Happiness

Love Your Body

They say that beauty comes from the inside, but it is only partially true. To feel really comfortable in your skin, you need more ingredients that give you confidence. From a positive attitude to eating quality, all these details will guide your steps towards a single destination – love your body. After all, if you love and respect your body, you’ll always make the best choices!

Even if you don’t have a perfect body does not mean you have to hate yourself. Learn how to love your body!

Overeating when we feel stressed, sit at the computer for hours and talk with friends on Facebook instead to meet with them and we ardently wish to look like that stars in magazines, but do not do anything in that sense. Sound familiar? Have you ever thought about wrong choices in nutrition and active living are the ways that you show to yourself that you do not love your body? Let’s discover together how we can change these patterns – starting today!

Cook With Love, For You!

The best food does not mean the food you crave for, no junk food or whole boxes of chocolates. The best foods are the ones that give you essential nutrients and make you feel more energetic, better, healthier. Go often to the market, pick fruit and vegetables, fine cheeses, delicious fish, low fat meat, then cook your foods light and tasty. Cook for you only the best ingredients – and that does not necessarily mean expensive! Give to your body what it needs and not treat food as an emotional refuge. You’ll see that as you start to feed properly, you will feel much better about yourself and you will not be yearning for food that hurts you!

Is easier if you: choose recipes that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes, inspired by the Mediterranean diet (vegetables in season, extra virgin olive oil, seafood, fish, lemon juice).

 “The way I am is more important than how I look. To feel confident, you must feel comfortable in your skin – it makes you really beautiful. “ Bobbi Brown (makeup artist).

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Give Yourself A Daily Serving Of Happiness

Or happiness hormone serotonin occurs when you exercise. Simple and easy to understand! You’ll feel happier after devouring an entire pizza, but after an hour of walking outside in  quickly steps or after 45 minutes of swimming will feel like your worries faded away, and your mind is clear.

Instead of serving excessive food, give yourself a bowl of happiness – do more sport, go out with friends and stroll bicycle or rollerblading, playing badminton in the park or whatever you enjoy doing. When you do some form of physical activity you enjoy, forget about extra pounds and at the same time, add a cue for you. You know you did something really good for your body and begin to love yourself – just as you are!

It is easier for you if:  you exercise with a friend who has the same goal.

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Be Understanding With Yourself

You don’t have a perfect body. In fact, no one has a perfect body! Small defects makes each person different and often contributes to personal charm. That does not mean you have to become slack (because it is a way to show that you do not care about your own body), but do not even carry on your shoulders the weight of all the expectations that you think the people have from you.

If you imagine that when you lose 15 kg will radically change your life and you will love your body more, know that it is essential that, first, you feel good about yourself, any extra pounds or less you have . Once you start to respect you as you are and do good things for you, you will not “punish” you for the wrong choice, but you will move towards a more balanced life and better health.

love your body

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