8 Clever Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

8 Clever Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

Life it’s not just full of unexpected surprises, it’s also full of lesser-known shortcuts. So why not using some life hacks to make our health and fitness easier than it has to be!?

8 Clever Life Hacks

Improve your health and fitness and ease your kitchen life with these 8 clever life hacks that will save you time and money. (And a headache.)

1. Never Eat A Bad Egg Again

It’s very simple to check the freshness of an egg, just put it in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it’s fresh; if it floats, it’s a bad egg.

Quick Tip: If the egg sinks on its side, then it is perfect for hard-boiling.

See the egg floating explanation on WonderHowTo.

Life Hacks - Bad Egg Check

2. Save Wilting Herbs With An Ice Cube Tray

To save your herbs from wilting, chop them and put them in ice cube trays. Then fill the ice cube trays with olive oil and put them in the freezer.

Quick Tip: Use these cubes whenever you need for sautéing meat and vegetables.

View full instructions on TheHungryMouse.

Fresh Herbs In Olive Oil

3. Turn Your Favorite TV Show Into A Workout

You don’t have time to hit the gym, but yet find time to watch hours of TV shows daily. Sounds familiar? Then use your favourite TV show to get in shape with these “watch and work” workouts. I am a Game of Thrones fan, so here’s my Sunday night workout.

4. Never Buy A Rotten Avocado Again

Avoid buying a rotten avocado by flicking the dry stem off its bottom. If the patch under the stem is yellow-green, you can safely buy the avocado, but if it’s brown, the avocado is rotten.

View full instructions on NorthWestEdible.

Life Hacks - Bad Avocado Test

5. Soothe A Sore Throat With Marshmallows

You can eat a couple of marshmallows to ease or even treat throat pain thanks to their gelatin content, which, according to FoxNews, has great coating and soothing properties.

6. Make Onions, Garlic And Shallots Last Longer

Make onions, garlic and shallots last for months with this simple trick. Get some paper lunch bags, make some small holes in them, and secure with some paper clips.

View full instructions on TheYummyLife.

How to store Onions

7. Make Your Own Sweet Potato Chips

Slice the sweet potato into thin rounds using a mandoline slicer or sharp knife, then toss the rounds with salt and olive oil. Place them on a paper towel in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes or until brown. Enjoy a healthy snack!

View full instructions on SheKnows.

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

8. Avoid Limp Lettuce

Avoid limp lettuce by placing a single paper towel on top of it in a bowl, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap. You can keep the lettuce fresh for more than a week if  you replace the paper towel every 1-2 days as it absorbs the water that makes the lettuce go bad.

View full instructions on GenerationXFinance.

Save salads for weeks

What other clever life hacks to improve health did we miss? Let us know in the comment section below!

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