Medical Procedures That Can Improve Your Life Significantly

Medical Procedures That Can Improve Your Life Significantly

Besides living a healthy lifestyle, there are medical procedures that can also improve your life significantly. Here are the most popular ones.

The field of medicine has advanced so much in the past century – perhaps more than all the time leading up to it.

This has meant everything from life-saving vaccines for infectious diseases to antibiotics to treat previously deadly diseases to advanced surgical procedures unimaginable ever before.

Still, not all people are thrilled by the prospect of seeing a medical professional. Whether from a traumatic experience from their past, or just a general dislike of needles and other implements – many people are avoiding potentially valuable and life-altering procedures.

3 Life-Changing Medical Procedures

Some minor medical procedures can change your life significantly just by boosting your self-esteem, morale, and confidence.

Check out these three procedures that can change your life forever:

1. Cryotherapy

If you’ve not had skin growths that caused you serious discomfort or simply looked unappealing, you can count yourself lucky. These conditions are fairly common and can cause a lot of problems for people suffering from them.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution – cryotherapy. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to basically freeze and safely destroy cells of the area that you want to remove.

The benefits of using liquid nitrogen include quick and safe operation, as well as precision that might not be available through other methods.

While it is usually used for removing warts and similar benign lesions, it is possible to use this method for removing early-stage malignant skin growths.

2. LASIK Eye Surgery

Lasik, or Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a simple and effective corrective eye surgery that can completely eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

There are other similar surgical procedures, but they are largely the same as LASIK, so they will not be discussed separately.

In order to understand what laser eye surgery does and what makes it so impressive, we need to understand how we see:

  • You can think of your eye as a camera.
  • The light is admitted to the eye through the pupil – a hole in your iris (which acts as a shutter in this analogy).
  • Images are processed in the back of the eye.
  • The cornea is basically your eye’s lens.
  • The muscles in your eye can distort it to focus.
  • If your cornea gets permanently distorted, your eyesight gets poorer.

During laser eye surgery, a tight beam of the laser changes the shape of the cornea, trying to restore it to its original shape and improve your eyesight.

There has been some controversy over this type of surgery, specifically due to the short-term complications. However, permanent and long-term complications are exceedingly rare.

3. All On Four Dental Implants

According to Temecula Facial Oral Surgery, dental implants are definitely a medical procedure worth considering for patients with missing or failing teeth.

Bad teeth are one of the indicators that people use when judging a person they just met. Whether that is fair or not is certainly up for debate, but it does still happen.

There are numerous reasons why people suffer from bad teeth – ranging from neglect, accidents, poverty-related issues, excessive drug and alcohol abuse, and myriad other factors.

Dental surgery is certainly an option, and dental implants with highly realistic artificial teeth are commonplace now.

However, these implant procedures can be prohibitively expensive, as each tooth requires its individual implant and custom-made crown to sit on top of the implant.

Fortunately, the development of new methods in the dental and orthodontic sphere never sleeps. A simplified procedure that cuts the number of necessary implants to just four per mandible has been developed in Portugal in recent years and has since spread to the US as well.

The All on Four procedure, as this procedure is called, combines the benefits of having individual dental implants, but can be applied to people who do not qualify for those; for instance, if they have bone loss.

At the same time, the cost of All on Four is significantly lower as well. This is why this procedure has become highly popular and in demand.

The Takeaway

These medical procedures have largely been given to us by the advent of modern technology and the inexorable march of progress. Taking advantage of these can vastly improve your life.

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