Legs Exercises For A Long Term Bodybuilding

Legs Exercises For A Long Term Bodybuilding

Why Are Legs So Important?

Statistically speaking, the legs are the first thing a man looks when it encounters a woman. According to the same statistics, for about 85% of men, it is sufficient no more than 5 seconds to make the first impression about a certain woman, which may cause start interacting chances. Legs are very important in your bodybuilding; like in the fashion world where legs are the most important “pieces” for a model.

Every woman should work in one way or another their legs, for both outer beauty and for the interior. After all, exercises for legs are exercises that substantially reduces the risk of varicose veins. Their great advantage is that no special equipment is needed for legs workout, as there are quite a lot of exercises for legs that can be done without any problem, at your home.

Legs, Anatomically Speaking

To understand the mode of action of these legs exercises, but also to build a pair of uniform legs, people must first understand how leg muscles are structures of anatomically.And for that matter usually only rear – front muscles of this group can hardly be trained, unfortunately, in the following we will refer only to the structure of the posterior muscles. The top muscles are called “the twins ” due to their form – while the bottom much thinner and longitudinal muscles are soleus. Although there are legs exercises for both types, according to studies, but also from personal experiences of athletes, best react top muscles to effort. This is for the simple fact that the number of white fibers, which provides the ability to walk long distances, is less than in soleus muscles.

Legs Exercises For A Long Term Bodybuilding

Legs Exercises

1. Raising The Legs With Knee Support

These legs exercises are performed in sitting and training aimed at strengthening Muscat soleus and Achilles tendon. Basically, once you sit down, make sure the toes are fixed on a support of equal height, where you can not touch the floor with your heels. All you have to do is to put weight on the knee – a box of water bottles and begin to make moves in the up-down direction, for at least 25-30 times per set. In a workout, 4-5 sets will be more than enough.

2. Raising The Legs Off The Stand

These legs exercises mimic perfectly the same exercises at the gym on a machine. The difference is that you can to make it at home or anywhere you can climb with your fingertips on equal standing on a plan, so as not to allow the heel to touch the floor. Perform 25-30 reps / set, at least 4-5 times during the same exercise, preferably with a backpack filled with sand bags or full water bottles.

3. Climbing Stairs

You have nothing to do but to climb the stairs on your toes. These exercises not only improve and develop the muscles of the thighs and legs, but in addition, improve cardiovascular capacity. Might be a little hard at first, but over time will definitely give you the results you want.

Another thing: some leg muscles can develop very easily, because of the large number of white muscle fibers – long effort. It may not have resulted from the first weeks, but performing the above legs exercises for at least 3-4 months continuously, it is impossible not to see the results.

legs exercises

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