Intelligent Sportswear | Armour39 By Under Armour

Intelligent Sportswear | Armour39 By Under Armour

Intelligent Sportswear In The Future

Under Armour officially unveiled Armour39, the next generation of wearable technologies and intelligent sportswear. This is the future athletic sportswear.

Armour39 is an athletic performance monitoring system, measuring “what matters most – the willpower.

Willpower is Under Armour’s own size denoting a scale of 1 to 10, the level of difficulty that an athlete touches during a workout, taking into consideration the heart rate, calories burned, and among other things, past performance.

Armour39 system will track performance measurement basics like speed, intensity, heart rate, calories burned, previous performance and other athlete parameters.

The system do this by using a special chest belt containing a special tracking device and a cardio monitor that captures all the information.

The unit operates on a common watch battery that does not require changing only once a year. Costume has specific unusual futuristic design. Here is a video for more details:

intelligent sportswear 3

intelligent sportswear

intelligent sportswear 2

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