How To Quickly Prepare Tones Of Healthy Snacks

How To Quickly Prepare Tones Of Healthy Snacks

I want to show you how to make some really tasty snacks and also how to make them very quickly. More important, rather than just sharing with you some snacks recipes, I actually want to show you how I think when I start to create these kind of snacks.

I like to think of myself as the type of person that empower people with the knowledge, rather than just spoon fed them all the time. It’s like that philosophy: “Give someone a bread and you feed him for a day, teach him how to bake his own bread and you feed him for life.” That’s what I wanna do in this article.

I actually want to teach you how I think when I make these little tasty snacks. Then you can go out there, pick different foods and have unlimited amount of ideas on how to create your own snacks once you know how to put it all together.

How To Prepare Healthy Snacks?

The type of snacks I really like is what I call mini-wrappers or mini-rolls. Basically it means that we’re gonna have something that we can roll up and then we’re gonna put some ingredients inside. These snacks are the ones I like to do and it’s really quick and you can make them really tasty as you will see.

1. The Wrapper

The first thing you need is a wrapper. This is where most people make the mistake because they will use unhealthy wraps like white flour type wraps, which can really mess up the whole snack because it’s full of simple sugars and it can become a calorie bomb.

You wanna make the wrapper part of the meal, so you could use leaves, meat or other veggies. For this time I have pastrami, mild jalapeno pepper where I’ve taken the inside out and lettuce and spinach leaves.

2. The Filling

Next thing you wanna do is your main filling and this is all gonna depend on what you use as a wrapper. For example let’s say we use the pastrami, now you have a piece of protein already, so maybe you should add some fats in there, or maybe you want to add more proteins, or maybe you just wanna make it taste nice.

I’ve divided this into main fillers and tasty fillers. So the main fillers will gonna bring a lot of nutrients to the actual meal. In my case I have some cottage cheese, tuna, avocado, small chicken breasts. These things make great fillings and bring a lot of nutrients to the actual wrapper.

The next part is fillers that’s gonna bring a lot of taste to the snacks. In my case I have some chutney, corn, carrots, celery sticks, onion, salt and pepper.

As you can see from these ingredients is all healthy. But now let’s look at how I would put together all these ingredients to make 3 different mini-wrappers or mini-rolls that will take less than 2-3 minutes and it’s gonna be super tasty and healthy.

3. Preparation

1. Protein Snack

For the first snack I used pastrami as the wrapper and I filled it with cottage cheese which is more protein, onion for taste, chutney for sweetness, corn, salt and pepper. That’s it, first mini snack is ready.

2. Chicken Snack

For this mini-wrap I used a couple of leaves: lettuce and spinach leaves to add more nutrients to the whole snack. I filled it with a piece of chicken breast, onion, carrot, a small slice of avocado, salt and pepper. The second healthy snack is ready.

3. Burning Snack

For the final snack I used a hollowed out and emptied jalapeno pepper which burns like crazy, but that’s how I like it. I filled it with a mix of tuna for protein, avocado for fats, chutney, salt and pepper.

That is how you make healthy and tasty mini-wraps and you can use them as snacks in between your bigger meals or if you quickly want to get something to eat. It’s nice and simple.

I’ve made 3 snacks just for demonstration, but you can make as many as you want, there’s no limit to your imagination. Just remember these tips:

1. Make your wrapper part of your healthy meal, don’t use tortillas or other wraps like this.

2. Mix protein with healthy fats and carbs, make it a little consistent meal.

3. Add spices or other ingredients like onion to make the snack tasty.

Now you know how to make these tasty snacks, so please share your ideas with us. Stay fit!

Healthy Snacks

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