How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight

How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight

Women who desire a curvy body shape with bigger breasts should try to naturally increase breast size, before thinking of plastic surgery. This article will help you to control testosterone and estrogen secretion through nutrition, in order to increase breast size.

We all heard this: When you gain weight overall, your breasts get bigger; and that’s because the most part of your breasts is fatty tissue. However, gaining weight to increase breast size may not be feasible for all women. And it’s not even healthy, right?

How To Increase Breast Size

Let’s have a look at a few healthy and natural ways you can increase breast size:

1. Exercise

One of the best exercises to increase breast size is Incline Dumbbell Bench Press. But there are also other exercises you can follow regularly to build up muscles underneath your breast area, like medicine ball pushups, standing cable flies, or dumbbell flies.

2. Nutrition

Big breasts are related to estrogen secretion, which is a hormone that helps women to develop body curves during puberty. Here is a list with foods you need to CONSUME to increase breast size:

  • Chickpeas, Black-eyed-peas (high level of estrogen compound).
  • Saw palmetto berry oil (reverse atrophy of a mammary gland).
  • Green leaves and vegetables (prevent the stretch marks as breasts get bigger and improve the breast tissues).
  • Garlic, Walnuts, Apples (stimulate release of sex-hormone).
  • Chicken (increases the production of estrogen).

Small breasts are related to testosterone secretion, which is a hormone that causes suppression of the breast tissue and its regular growth cycle. Here is a list with testosterone rich foods you need to AVOID to increase breast size.

3. Breast Massage

Try to massage your breasts on a daily basis to help blood circulation in that area. A daily breast massage can also make it easier for your body to bring the necessary nutrients into the breasts area. So yeah, spoil yourself with a nice massage, you deserve it (I guess)!

4. Herbal Treatment

There are several herbal remedies known to increase breast size in women. Some of them are:

  • Fenugreek, which stimulates prolactin production.
  • Fennel seeds, which contain flavonoids that exerts estrogenic effects.
  • Saw palmetto herb, which controls excess testosterone.

5. The Right Clothes

There are clothes you can wear to make your breasts look bigger, like lower necklines. But make sure you’re always wearing the right bra size, because even if your breasts look bigger, a wrong bra size can ruin all your hard work.

It is also important to improve your posture to get a better physical appearance, a straight back and firmer breasts. I hope you enjoyed these tips to increase breast size, and if you did, feel free to share this article on your social network profiles. Stay fit!

Increase Breast Size Infographic

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