How To Improve Your Marriage In Just A Couple Of Days

How To Improve Your Marriage In Just A Couple Of Days

You can save and even improve your marriage in just a few days if you communicate, get in contact, and schedule time for sex regularly.

People are always saying that relationships take a lot of hard work and it’s true, long-term serious relationships can involve a lot of emotional labor.

This isn’t a bad thing, working hard at a relationship delivers wonderful rewards and you get to hang out with someone you love.

But if you are struggling there are a few proven ways to improve your marriage.

How To Improve Your Marriage In Just A Couple Of Days

How To Improve Your Mariage

Here are some of the best and most appreciated tips to help improve your marriage ASAP:

1. Make Time For Contact

It’s important to take a little time every day to hug, kiss or hold hands with your partner.

Physical contact is proven to increase intimacy and just making sure that you spend time showing your partner how much you care about them with physical contact is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your marriage.

It can be so easy to forget to make time for contact and some people find themselves not touching their partner at all for days.

Overcoming this absence of affection can improve your daily mood and may even improve your sex life!

2. Check Your Communication!

We all have phones permanently in our hands and in front of our faces. And as a result, it can be hard to maintain open and honest communication with your partner.

It can be so easy to fall out of practice at communicating your thoughts and feelings.

So it’s important to regularly audit whether you are actually listening to what your partner is saying and whether you are sharing thoughts and feelings of your own.

It is so important that if you and your partner aren’t communicating well or are arguing a lot that you seek professional help.

A professional counsellor is trained to help you work through these issues and your relationship doesn’t need to be falling apart to seek objective outside help.

3. Put It In The Diary

The idea of scheduling sex may seem sterile and not at all sexy. But for those who are married with children, careers, carer duties, and any other number of activities and responsibilities, it can be legitimately hard to find time to spend with your partner.

Rather than leaving it up to fate and hoping that the perfect opportunity will present itself, scheduling time for sex is likely to boost your sex life rather than inhibit it.

There are human behavioral studies that show that regular sex is more important than the quality of sex in a relationship.

Hopefully, you and your partner can have both and scheduling is certainly one way to make that happen.

4. Don’t Stay Angry

This one sounds deceptively simple, but when you are feeling hurt and angry, calming down and reconciling can seem almost impossible.

It’s vital that you and your partner talk through issues as they arise and hopefully de-escalate the situation.

Avoid going to bed angry, and if the problem is too big to be handled in one day it is okay to sleep on it. Just make sure you end the day with civility.

Also don’t be afraid to apologize. Admitting that you were wrong or that you hurt your partner is very important when maintaining a healthy relationship.

5. Do Something Together Every Day

You don’t need to stay beside your partner every second of the day. But it is recommended to do one simple thing together on a daily basis.

For example, if both of you are into fitness and wellbeing, go for a 30-minute walk together. Or cook a healthy dinner together.

It doesn’t really matter what you both are doing together, as long as there is some sort of communication between you.

So while walking or cooking, share your thoughts or the problems you encountered at work. Or even make some small talk with your partner.

This little thing you’re doing with your partner every day can mean enormous for your long-lasting marriage.

6. Write Down The Disagreements

As weird this tip might sound, it’s very true. And it’s even based on scientific research.

It is recommended to write down every four months all the moments you had disagreements in your relationship. This will help you better understand and overcome these fights.

Writing down the disagreements in your relationship will help you sustain marital satisfaction, the study says.

So all it takes to improve your marriage is taking 20 minutes a year from your time to note down and assimilate your relationship’s disagreements.

These are just a few ways that you can easily improve your marriage in just a few days.

Taking the time to appreciate your partner and being able to admit that you are wrong are some of the most valuable skills that you can bring into a marriage.

One of the most important things to remember is to ask for help if you need it. Professional counseling isn’t the mark of a dying relationship, rather it is a useful resource that has saved many marriages and improved even more!

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