Family Fitness – Fun Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

Family Fitness – Fun Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

When you introduce fitness to the whole family, you bring all its benefits to everybody. So give these family fitness ideas a try!

Exercise can help with weight loss, or maintaining your weight, and lower heart disease risks. It can even improve memory, which will be very useful at school. And it also helps reduce anxiety and even improve your mood.

Along with all the benefits you can also enjoy some family bonding by spending time together. All you need to do is find time for it in your busy schedule and get ready to start a more active lifestyle.

Make sure that you don’t make fitness and exercise a chore. Try to keep everything fun so your kids will be on board with it.

Remember, a smaller child will not be impressed with all the health benefits exercises may carry. But if you make everything a game, then your kids will be in for the fun.

Ideas That Help Squeez Family Fitness Into Your Schedule

Yes, the challenging part of doing fitness for the whole family can be finding the time for it. But there can be a few tips that will help you organize and make everyone participate in the fun.

Next time you find yourself in any of these situations, try to incorporate fun ways for the whole family to do some fitness.

1. Take Advantage Of Any Family Gatherings

Having a birthday party, or just a grandparent’s anniversary, no matter why you gather to celebrate, is the perfect time and place for some fitness for the whole family.

The more the merrier right? You can make up teams and play some basketball, baseball, or even soccer.

Smaller kids will enjoy playing tag or even hide and seek.

If the family gathering can be planned ahead, then you can come up with a few great ideas.

Pool parties are always great fun, and swimming sure is a great fitness activity.

Schedule a fun day at the park for some running around, or you can even take the whole family ice skating.

Do fun activities together with your family, and it won’t even feel like exercising.

2. Cleaning Can Be A Fun Family Activity

Cleaning can feel like a chore and not everybody is in the mood for dusting and vacuuming. Find a day in the calendar and make it a clean-up day.

Make everything fun with some music and dancing. Everybody should mix their playlist together and when your song comes up, why not have a dance with the broom? You definitely can dust while you dance.

3. No More Carpool To School

I know that this one can be tricky, because if the school is too far away then your kids will need a ride or a bus. But if you can walk to school or ride your bike to school don’t skip any chances of doing so. A morning walk or bike ride can be a perfect start to the day.

Plus, you can talk with your kids on the way to school, and some extra time with the little ones is always welcome.

4. Stay Active During Vacation

Whether you’re spending your vacation on a beach, by the lake, or on the top of a mountain, remember to stay active during your vacation.

Yes, I get it, you’re on vacation, you need to relax and unwind. But this shouldn’t stop you to get your family for a walk on a mountain trail, a volleyball game on the beach, or a kayaking session on the lake.

5. Take It To The Next Level

These are all simple ways in which you can do family fitness, but you can take everything to the next level. I am not talking about Crossfit, HIIT, or any intense fitness routine unless that’s working for you.

If you are a fitness junkie and all your family loves working out, you can have a great time in the gym. Or even better, transform your garage into a gym and do a family fitness session a few times a week.

When you don’t know where to start and how to introduce fitness to the whole family, the best thing to do is to try some light family fitness activities.

Light Family Fitness Activities

These light activities are ideal for most families, so give them a try:

1. Go For Walks

Walking can be the simplest and easiest form of exercise. You can even make it more fun by tracking the family’s progress with a pedometer app.

Put on the fridge your progress and try to do better every walk. Go for a longer distance and let the kids see the progress.

2. Turn Your Backyard Into A Playground

Depending on how big your backyard is, the possibilities can be endless. Install a basketball hoop or do a small baseball field. But you don’t even need all that, just go outside, and throw a ball.

You can even organize a sports event in the backyard. Do a sprint competition, a throwing competition, or a jumping competition. The main thing is to go outside and have fun.

3. Take The Family Out For Any Activity

Go play some mini golf, go do some indoor rock climbing, and go for a bike ride. Go to the grocery, the library, or just for a bike ride as often as you can.

Here you can do all those fun activities your family truly enjoys.

The Takeaway

The time you spend with the whole family and the benefits of an active lifestyle is what every family needs. So start incorporating these fun activities into your family schedule.

From walking and bike riding to ice skating and swimming, there are numerous family fitness ideas that can benefit the health of the entire family.

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