How To Feel Confident In The Gym – 4 Tips That Work

How To Feel Confident In The Gym – 4 Tips That Work

Wanna feel confident in the gym? Then focus on yourself, not on others. And follow these four tips to significantly boost your confidence.

Whether you’re taking your first steps towards working out or you’ve been going for a long while, the gym can be a frightening place.

If you feel self-conscious and a little out-of-place when you get there, no amount of bright lights, fast pounding music or self-love quotes etched into your brain will help.

Gyms can be incredibly scary places, particularly for those who don’t feel too clued up on fitness, machinery or equipment.

Plus, it doesn’t help that society portrays a vision of what the typical gym-goer looks like (which is never a typical woman turning up to the gym after a 9-hour shift at work).

Gym intimidation is real, and we’re here to help to bust it. Working out has a whole load of benefits, so it’s a shame to let the fear of the gym get in the way.

Moreover, the gym is an ideal place to lose yourself in your favorite music, relax your mind and, in some cases, socialize!

Tips To Make You Feel Confident In The Gym

Here are some tips to help you face the fear while looking and feeling great in the gym:

1. Give Fitness Classes A Try

If you’re new to exercise, a way to ease yourself in can be to attend gym classes. This way, you tend to be part of a full group all learning from the instructor, where people of all skill levels are involved in the activity.

If you feel worried about your performance, drop yourself to the back. After several classes, you can slowly make your way closer to the front as your confidence grows.

Most gyms offer classes in everything from Zumba and Aerobics to Pilates and Legs, Bums, and Tums. Find some that you will genuinely look forward to and watch your confidence grow.

2. Be Comfortable In Your Activewear

It’s common to feel body conscious at the gym as you may fear everyone else is fitter, leaner, and stronger than you. This is rarely the case, and everyone has their own body hang-ups.

You just need to remember that everyone tends to be so consumed in themselves and their own workout, they’ll hardly even notice you trying to catch your breath on the treadmill beside them!

To help you feel more confident during your first few visits, make sure you wear activewear you are comfortable in.

If baring your tummy in a crop top makes you feel awkward, go for something with a little more coverage. It’s important you feel your best self when working out.

You can get many stylish items to wear at the gym which don’t have to be figure-hugging. Polo shirts, vests, and hooded tops are all perfect for the gym and don’t even have to be special gym types.

You can get women’s golf apparel polo shirts which, teamed with leggings, look sporty yet are comfortable and non-clingy.

Don your favorite trainers, and you’ll have no need to feel self-conscious. You can find some ideas here.

3. Find Inspiration From A Fitness Influencer

If you are a complete fitness novice and don’t know how to get started, social media can be surprisingly helpful. There are millions of fitness influencers on Instagram who cater to all different fitness needs and goals.

Take some time to search for a fitness influencer page that aligns with your own personal goals and inspires you, and follow them on their journey.

Many influencers share videos and photos which explain how to use the equipment they love and demonstrate the correct methods.

There is nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with this before heading to the gym. You may find that after watching other gym-goers ‘killing it’ with their workouts, it will only spur you on to work harder too!

4. Find A Gym Buddy

If the thought of working out alone is just too daunting for you, don’t be scared to seek out a gym buddy. There are so many people who choose to work out in a pair (or even small groups).

While you may eventually feel that you no longer need your gym buddy, there is always safety in numbers and nothing wrong with discovering you work out better this way.

Above all, remember that the likelihood of anyone else taking notice of you while working out is very slim. You’ll barely pay attention to anyone else, too, as you realize you become too busy focusing on yourself.

If you want to feel confident in the gym, focus on your own personal goals and, most importantly, enjoy it!

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