Hydrate Yourself With Homemade Vitamin Water

Hydrate Yourself With Homemade Vitamin Water

Easy and straightforward formula to prepare a bowl with homemade vitamin water in only ten minutes. Nutrition water although it’s nice for your health and is additionally terribly tasty. It mechanically makes drinkable water from duty in pleasure. Whereby the desired eight glasses of water every day can drink with no drawback.

Ingredients For A Bowl Of Homemade Vitamin Water

2 Liters of water;
2 Lemons;
100 g Strawberries or raspberries;
5-6 Mint leaves.

Preparation Of The Vitamin Water:

Preheat the water, however not too much (should not be boiled). Place it in an exceedingly glass bowl. Chop the fruits finely and add the lemon with mint and strawberries in the bowl. The mixture must be placed in a cold place for twenty-four hours standing. Finally simply strain and water is prepared. If you wish a richer taste, you’ll add shredded orange peel together with the ingredients and use the same method of preparation.

homemade vitamin water

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